ARGH dinner @ La Bodega, Pavilion KL

Finally its another ARGH dinner.. but this time.. its at KL! *wooots*

Although things are kinda rush but… we still enjoyed ourselves and the time being together.. oh.. especially the 5,10,15. HAHAHAHAHA *loves*

We did a lot of last minutes shopping and hoho.. break a lot of records such as rushing to buy clothes when the shop is closing.. and… duno who.. bought like 5 pairs of shoes in.. less then 3 hours? and… and.. a lot lah!!

Our favourite shop… *Forever 21* Our record as u can see : 6 dresses worth around RM600 in 15 minutes. Even until the shop closed.

and… 10 pairs of shoes… in.. well.. don dare to tell. *nyek nyek* the power of girls! to be precise.. ARGH! love u all! *muah muah*

Its around 10.30pm when we had our dinner…

La Bodega will be the place.

Its like a casual lounge and restaurant?

Clockwise, Ahlost had Melon, Pineapple and Orange juice RM18, I had Sex on the beach RM22 and Anna had Margaritas RM25. Gladys had Ginger beer at RM9 but the pic is rather blur so.. huhuhuhu!

We had Cold, roast lamb salad for sharing. RM 15. There are rare roast lamb, croutons, cherry tomato, mint and apple salad which made a great combination in ur mouth!!

To chew the cold roast lamb with the mint leaves and the dressings… olala! Juicy. I like it sweet and tender.. and the refreshing bits of the mint leaves with a lil extra crunchiness of the roasted croutons! *nom nom nom*

Ahlost had this Chilli Linguine Aglio E Olio with hamachi fish, preserved lemon and grilled zucchini. RM 26

I personally dont really like the hamachi fish and preserved lemon. Agreed with lostling.. when u are munching the noodles.. there will be a sudden attack of the sourish if u accidentally bite the preserved lemon. hohoho! But still.. for lostling and Dysling.. everything with tabasco sauce is perfect. haha!

Dys ordered Penne Puttanesca with gilled mediterranean vegetables. RM 20. Precisely, the penne is served with spicy homemade tomato sauce with olives, capers, anchovies, grilled eggplant and grilled zucchini served with shaved parmesan.

This is definately too salty for everyone’s preferance. TOO salty……!! but i love the eggplant tho. hohohohohoho!

Next up will be mine. Saffron Angel Hair with pumpkin and lamb meatballs! RM28. Lamb meatballs!! *drools* I m not a big fans of angel hair but since they don have fettuccine.. so.. just go with it lur…

Saffron angel hair pasta (sweet and creamy) with roasted pumpkin (i love pumpkin in creamy pasta because somehow it will help to adjust the taste) Kalamata olives (ohhh.. i hate olives *screamm*) and spicy lamb meatballs in a rich creamy sauce (the meatballs are great and very flavouring.. althought its not that spicy but.. still… i cant resist the temptation of juicy meatballs)

Annna’s Spaghetti Ramazetti with grilled chicken in a mustard cream sauce tossed with rocket salad. RM 26. Soi enought, the waiter forgot to take this order so this hungry chh have to wait until 11.30 only then the food is served.

Acording to her.. not too bad.. the mustard sauce is not too flavouring but the grilled chicken was great.

The overall dining experience was not too bad and we voted the best dish on the cold, roast lamb salad! teehehehe!!

not forgetting the ARGH!! oops.. thats the G

Heres the R and G

A and H. hohohohohohohoho! Don ask me why i m H. theres a story behind. *grin*

and happily eating us! *nom nom nom*

AFter the ARGH dinner.. we went to Weissbrau which is just opposite Labodega…

We tried out the 3 different types of German Beer..

From left to right… Franziskaner Dunkel RM 22, Leffe Blond RM 29, Erdinger Dunkel RM 22. 🙂

ARGH is great!!! more cute photos with RoseLing so i just have to wait for hers. hehehehehehe!!! Oh.. when is the next one!! Overseas? HoHoHoHo!