Dec Promo : Fried Rice Is Nice @ Grand Margherita, Kuching

Orchid Garden, Grand Margherita is having a December Promotion from December 1-19.

Oooh.. the very cute decoration in front of Orchid Garden 😀

The Theme for the December promotion is “Fried Rice Is Nice”

Its available ala carte for lunch and dinner. They have 10 types of Fried Rice in the menu and the price is RM 16.75++ per portion.

Oh.. before that.. Orchid Garden’s signature drink.. Teh Tarik!!

Everyone is rushing to snap a pic of it before the bubbles went off 😀

Honey Lemon 🙂

and.. My hot Chocolate..

We mingled around before the food is served..

and Eileen show us this Christmas Shopping List… Roasted Turkey for Christmas anyone??

Christmas Desserts.. Roast lamb.. Cookies.. *yum yum*

Ahlost when she is bored..

Gerald when he is bored..

Eileen when she is bored. Muahahaha! So cute!!!

Since its only 5 of us.. we decided to try out only 6 types out of the 10.

1. Nasi Goreng Bario

Fragrant Brown Rice with Green Grown Herbs & Vegetables

2. Fried Rice Sumo

Garlic-flavoured, served with Fresh Salmon & Tuna Flakes

3. Nasi Goreng “Indonesia”

Topped with fried egg, keropok and satays

A lot of spices.. a lil bit sweet and sour.. a lil bit spicy on it. *yum*

4. Nasi Goreng “Madras”

Curry flavoured, served with prawns, bananas, pickles, mango chutney & papadam’

It is similar to Nasi Goreng “Indonesia” but with the special fruity sensation.

And this is the banana sauce. So special right!!

5. Nasi Goreng “Sarikei”

Served in Pineapple Boat topped with Chicken Floss & Raisins

It tasted like Thailand Pineapple Fried Rice just that its a lil bit sweeter 😀

6. Nasi Goreng Kepiting

A Nyonya favourite with Crabmeat, eggs, sweet peas, tomato & cincalok

The sweet peas is really crispy it makes you crave for more 😀

The photo taking session took about 45 minutes..

but the eating session only last for like 15 minutes. hohoho!

So whats my favourite among all? I personally like Fried Rice Sumo and Nasi Goreng “Indonesia”. 😀

The other 4 types of Fried Rice are :

7. Nasi Goreng “Bintulu” (An original recipe fried with ikan bilis, black olive & belinjau crackers)

8. Vegetarian Fried Rice (With the freshest of Vegetables & served with belinjau crackers)

9. Yam Fried Rice (With Shredded duck, dried prawns & yam cubes)

10. Peppered Fried Rice (A hot favourite, fried with minced beef)

The nom nom people

After the very satisfying lunch.. Eileen showed us the GingerBread Man House!!!

Look at the size of the GingerBread Man House!

and… this Gingerbread Man House is made by real gingerbread..

Its actually one of the Christmas Charity program..

They are actually selling the Gingerbread by pieces. RM 5 each starting on Monday.. so if you want to know more about this.. You can either contact the hotel management or you can ask me 😀

For the “Fried Rice Is Nice” december promotion.. Please kindly call 082-423111 ext 1158 (Orchid Garden Coffee House) for more info 😀