Nu Er Hong @ Pullman Kuching

Nu Er Hong is Chinese Restaurant at Pullman Kuching. Nu Er Hong had recently came out with a very affordable business lunch at only RM 18++ inspired by the Brand NEW Chef, Mr Wei Kin Soon and his very own brand new creations. The Affordable Business Lunch is available Every Monday to Saturday.

10 of us were invited by Alicia for the food tasting. We were served in a very beautiful private room in Nu Er Hong Restaurant.

The business lunch set was served like this :

Appetizer, Mains, Greens, and Grains. Oh.. Just add another RM 4 to make your lunch prefect with a decent dessert 😀

Nu Er Hong offers different types of Appetizer every day. For the Appetizer for Saturdays… You can either choose between this :

Hand-Wrap Crispy Salmon+ Seaweed Rolls & Sze Chuan Style Shredded Duck Meat

or… Chicken Soup with Dry Scallop & Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Mains.. choose between the 7 dishes from the menu! How thoughtful they are to design 7 different dishes so you can have different one everyday! hehehe!

Cantonese Classic-Roast Duck with Soya Bean

The duck meat was roasted to perfection. The shinning fragrant skin on the outside and juicy tender meat in the inside. *nom nom nom*

Steamed Seabass Fish in Superior Broth “Cantonese” Style

Venison Fillet Toassed with Shredded Young Ginger & Scallion

Bamboo Chicken Cooked in “Iban” Preparation

It was somewhat similar to the “Ayam Pansuh” style but surprisingly the bamboo shoot was so crispy! *yummylicious*

Braised Beef with Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Steamed Garouper Fish Fillet with “Foo Chow” Curries Element.

And the recommended one.. Signature Golden Sand & Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab!

This one is the medium size for sharing.. RM 40 ++

And the combination of salted egg with deep fried soft shell crab definitely makes me melt!

*snap snap*

Appetizer (ticked) Mains (ticked) and here comes the GREENS..

Stir Fried Hong Kong Kailan with Oyster Sauce

Chilled & Cold Serving Tossed Midin Greens & Anchovies

Braised Brocolli with Crabmeat & Egg White Sauce

And the very Signature House-Made Beancurd In Abalone Essence

The texture of the bean curd is like… extra soft!!

As for Grains.. you can have Fried Rice with Vegetables instead of the Normal Steam Fragrant White Rice..


And this is the combination of my choices for the day!!! *noms*

Apart from that, Alicia ordered some dim sum and Chinese Bak Chang for sharing…! *wooots*

Dim Sum!! Main fillings are prawns and pumpkin 😀 RM 10.80 ++

Duck Meat Cheong Fan. RM 8++

This is the latest creation from the New Chef!! *wooots*

Chinese “Bak Chang” RM 8++

Chestnuts, glutinous rice.. chicken.. mushroom.. dried shrimps…! ohh my.. i am craving for bak chang now!!!!!

LOOK!! even their decoration is so impressive!!!

Everyone is soooooo concentrating except one…

Oh.. two! hahaha!

Will that pool of food drown you away! hahaha!

OK.. get back to desserts!!

Sweetened Red Date Syrup Enhanced With Longan & Aloe Vera

Coconut with Chinese Herbs Jellies

Traditionally Prepared Mango Pudding..

OOoh.. i am loving this.. ! It was so smooth.. so sweet and.. its shaking like crazy whenever you move the plate! hahahahaha!

Blend & Chill Passion Fruits Puree With Sweet Mango Chunk

This one on the other hand is more refreshing. They even added pamelo chunks which add a lot of flavors into it!! *yummms*

And… introducing our NEW CHEF!! MR. WEI KIN SOON!!!!!

We love your food Mr.Wei…. look at all those empty plates and satisfied smiles on them!! hohoho!

If you want to know more about the promotion or info.. please dial +6(0) 82-222 888!