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Since i m waiting for the youtube to load my videos.. i will just do some tags here! *lala*

wooots! i have been tagged!! by this pretty lady Zesan! I think i have left out a lot of tag eh.. if i forgotten to do.. just leave me a msg o! *nyek*

8 Things i m passionate about:




But SLIM body


My Satisfied Result


Money! *nyek* who doesnt!

8 Things i say too often:





Cincai o..




8 Movies i watched recently



OMG!!! i haven been watching any movies recently!!!!!!!

8 songs that i can listen to again and again

Shuo hao de xing fu ne? By Jay Chou

Hong Luo Mong By Jay Chou

Dao Xiang By Jay Chou

Nan ren KTV by Anson Hu

Spell By Marie Digby

Xiao Qing Ge By Soda Green

Yue Ya Wan By FIR

I’m Yours By Jason Marz

8 Places that i like to go in Kuching

Depends who i m going with! *lala*

8 Things that i will be doing today

Update my blog

Update my plurk

Lunch with steve and Guo Song

Lunch again with Lao Mao and Pik Qii

Shopping and look for something

Transferring pictures from my cam

Going to AAron’s bday dinner tonight

Have a Nice sleep later!

8 things i regret doing this past year?

A LOT!!!

8 Things i learn in the past year

Be myself

Forget the past and start a new life

Follow my heart and do whatever i wanted to do

Treasure all my friends around me

Love my family like i always do

Do not depends too much on others

Need to keep fit after my fattening exam period

Find someone who love me! *wee*

8 people that i may tag

Steveeee (since u have no idea wad to update.. wuakaka)

Gordon (I tag u so u tag Tim)

Lo Ngiao (Owes got you one la)

Nancy (Weee!! first time tag u neh)

Sharon Chong (Yes my dear.. u again)

Jin Thai (Since u finally started ur blog)

BryanHoo (U owe me a lot eh)

Rose (Ahlost always very guai)