Boring-kinda Workshop @ Hilton

Yes.. i attended a workshop at Hilton this morning.. its organized by MidA.. some government things related to investment and how to make your company productive something like that..

From SwinBurne, Its only me with another four beloved lecturers.. Nick the angmoh.. Miss Janice my dearest and closest.. Mdm Callie Lau my last time O&M lecturer and Miss Tinla.. the myanmmar lecturer.. Others are SMEs (small and medium enterprenuer).. means others are all business people lor.. ee.. i wonder why Swinburne need to attend o? Bcoz of Taib Mahmud? Coz Taib Mahmud is there for the opening session yesterday… i din attend yesterday.. i only went when miss Janice messaged me.. haha.. Of coz.. the main purpose to go is motivated by the Hilton Lunch.. HAHAHAHA!

Its extremely cold inside.. i am like freezing even with my jacket on.. and honestly speaking.. the presenters sucks.. OMG! this kind of presentation still dare to take out.. *haih* Government Malays Staff.. gosh!! thumb downs a thousand.. cant even listen or understand what the hack they are talkin.. its non even informative and the most importantly.. its not teaching or sharing us how to make investment and make company productive.. they just shows some figures.. *haih*.. The only interesting presenter is Gladys Mak.. yes.. a chinese with very nice presentation style.. the least.. she din read from the slide.. and she tok CLEARLY.. and SHE TALKS ENGLISH! no comments for the others..

The workshop started at 8am to 6pm u know! crazy ki ar.. but after lunch.. everyone is going home because of the not very impressive presentations so SO am all the lecturers.. Of coz me too la.. Miss Janice sent me home. *winks* Muacks to her! haha!!!

I follow daddy car so kinda early.. so.. haha! *snap*

This is the Ballroom.. oh great.. breakfast provided.. [Breakfast=Coffee or Tea]

Something which i think its nice photographing on my table! hehe!

We have coffee break at around 10am.. they served very nice mee mamak! yum! din take photo la.. so many ppl and tauke taukes.. haha.. and oso some kuihs and Curry puff i supposed?

Continue everything and its lunch time!! woot! i tell u.. the lunch is really really yummy! I just love hilton food!! haha! i manage to curi curi take one photo of the food.. just for my blog.. so pai sei u noe.. hehehehe!

Clockwise.. Chickenn.. well.. its juicy.. i duno how they cooked but super tender.. Rendang..excellent with potatoes.. meat loaf.. hahhahaha! Merdeka meat loaf is better but here’s not bad as well.. Spicy and sour fish salad.. woohoho! this is nice!! i so wanted to take a second time but don dare.. hahaha! again is chicken cube salad.. nominated for second time eating oso.. *haih*.. Oh.. creamy spaghetti.. I love it! and fish fillet which their special sauce. everything is soft.. Oh.. middle one is baked potatoes!! hahaha!

The photo doesnt look appetitizing at all but honestly speaking.. its super delicious!!

I am happie eating in Hilton! hahahahaha!!! and dessert! too bad too many ppl so i din take pic.. the pineapple pie, glutinous rice kuih and honey dew sago is definitely seductive! *loves*

After lunch.. talk a little with lecturers.. then follow miss janice back.. i mean she sent me home la.. our hus very near one ma. haha!!! she offer the ride. how kind hearted she is.. ^^ weeeee~!