Congrats Yien.. *wuakaka*

weehehe! after waiting for like.. almost 3/4 of my semester.. my merit scholarship finally comes!! so long geh! 

Congratsss congratsss.. Thankiuk Thankiukk.. hoho.. its has been a while since i get to mingle around with my swinburne darlings stafffss! *wwwoooots* so nice to see u guys again wor! Kia. lets go shopping!! hahaha!!

The girls whom i know getting merit scholarship as well!! we look like shorties standing beside Professor Helmut. huhu! T.T

Jin Thai and ME!! Woottss.. we wear the same pattern so must take pic hor! he is the only guy i noe at the ceremony.. i mean among students la.. ! Jin thai! so geng ar u.. 3HDs 1D..! 

And lastly my favourite and beloved sui sui camwhore partner Miss Leonie from Marketing department!! woohoho! We just love to camwhore.. whenever got any chance!

Yesterday was also my cousin’s bday!! Happie birthday jie! *muacks*

and also.. the last day of SUSHI BONANZA!!! ehehehe!

Steve mms this for me! My gosh! Luckily i haven get to queue for this long YET!!