Happie Convo to Them!!

ITs convocation again.. yes.. Swinburne’s convocation is owes at the middle of august. no doubt. Next year will be MINE! muahahaha!! Okok.. i went to convo this morning.. not mine of coz.. its Saad and Ian’s.

Flowers and Bears are essentials during Convo.. haha.. i mean for my own definition la.. =) i personally is not a fans of Doraemon but this particular one is really cute! hahah! thats y i buy.. for snoopy.. haha.. no comment..

Doraemon!! haha! i never knew u look so cute in regalia.. *.*

Our convo, as usual wil be at DUN. Dewan Undangan Negeri.. which is a nice place.. at least it look high clas.. i wish my next year convo will  NOT be at swinburne MPH.. by then.. i will cry i tel u. haha!

this is the place..

i like the lampu! ^^

and the ceiling.. the ceiling is mirror.. so.. haha.. got good got bad la.. ^^

And us!! waiting for the graduans to come out. haha.. i gave Saad a little bouquet of snoopy. haha! not the one with the doraemon la.. i forgot to take pictures of it. =(

we look like we are the one who graduates. hahaa! Les, Gub and Me. me face look so chubby in this picture. T.T haha (we are all graduating next year!)

LEstari help us to jaga all the flowers when u take our food.. in the refreshment session. hehe!!

she look like she is selling flowers la.. muahhahaha!

After everyone ate.. we go back to the hall again and take photos.. oh.. din really took a lot of photos.. *haih*

this is the hall..

Me.. hahaha! i like the colour of the hall!! thankiuk jolynn for taking the picture!

and our groupie photos! saad was interviewed by the borneo post ppl so left us. >.<

Finally will be the “hat” throwing part. hahahaha!

oh!!! everyone moves and my cam is not the profeesional one so kinda blurred. hehhehe! nvm la.. as long as got the figure bah. hiak hiak hiak!

ANd lastly.. Happie convocation to Saad and Ian..

Also.. happie dappie convocation to other buddies.. Yen Shin, Hansen, Ian Lee, Bryan, Samuel, SHirley, Li Ying, Jenny, Jasmine, Dickson and many many more. I hope u all will miss the study time in swinburne wor. miss u all! =)