Snack for SUTS Grand Opening

Hoho! today i am on duty for the Swinburne Sarawak Expanded Campus Grand Opening Ceremony.. Tooks tonnes of pictures making me having difficulties in resizing and water-marking my pictures.. so haha.. giv me one day for all these and i gave u snack instead..

Here’s a little snack i have on Friday actually.. actually we have been using the new builidng for like 3 weeks oledi but i never took any pics of it until when the grand opening ceremony is near.. Its on Friday when i knew i have to take pictures of it during Saturday.. (which is apparently today la.. haha)..  so i actually took some first jus in case there are too many ppl on the actual opening ceremony day!

I went to a little rehearsal for tomolo and i saw Jolynn there.. so we actually walk around and took some pictures! teehehe!

Snap Snap of us!

Jolynnn.. don try to kek satt la.. Give me “the jolynn smile”!!

oH!!! here is it! this is her famous JoLYnn Smile.. oh.. don misunderstand.. she is not Not happie.. she is just loving the way she smile.. hehe!

We walked around the “Garden” at the center of the four building.. hmm.. i noe the garden is not GREEN yet. =.=”

Us again! with the background of not-much-grass garden..

Some Swinburne expanded campus snack for u…

View from the  main gate..

My favourite Multi-storey carpark

The Lecture theatre.. which i have no class in it YET and i will never have. haha!!

Ok.. thats all.. its called SNACK bah.. of coz its little.. i will be havin gmy super long post for tomolo!! stay tune!!!

lastly! presenting……..

US AGAIN!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! we both look so DARK with the flash.. huhuhu! T.T

( I love Green colour! Weehehe* )