SwinBurne Bloggers 1st Meet-up

Yup.. today is actually the swinburne bloggers first meet up.. The purpose of the meet-ups is to unite all the swinburne bloggers.. Of coz.. we have the Mr. Rodney and Ngee Kiong as the blog advisors.. Saad and Me for the admin part and Ember for the theme designing part. haha!

The meet-up for today is actually a very simple ones as we just wanna get to know more of the bloggers in swinburne.. for the events, gathering and other stuff.. we will of coz discuss further in the next meeting..

For swinburners who do not know about this.. please leave a comment below or gmail me.. SWINBURNE BLOGGERS.. we need u! a lot of swinburne bloggers which i noe do not turn up.. mayb they duno the things yet lo.. so if u happen to see my post here.. and you are a swinburner.. and u r interested to be part of sth interested.. yes!! contact me! hehehe!! *thankie*

Here’s some pictures.. limited pictures i shud say bcoz the sun is superb today and the pcitures arent good. *sobx*

SAY cheeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Oh… Ah yieng? haha! see.. i noe ur name. weee..

Serene.. busy taking pictures!!

Oh.. Kim took nice pictures of it.. for more information.. this is Kim’s blog! Teehehe^^

Oops.. forgotten.. This is our SWINBURNE BLOGGERS PAGE. =)