Swinburne sarawak expanded campus grand opening

23rd of August 2008 is a BIG day for Swinburne Sarawak.

Today will be the expanded campus Grand Opening and it will be very very Grand.. But sad to say.. it was rainning that day early in the morning til late afternoon..

I m on duty that day! hahaha! Blogger?? hahaha! yup yup.. its considered student press for Uni. Not only me, I have oso Saad and ALex with me…

Oh.. they even purposely made a T-shirt for today! see!!

The Grand opening start at like 1.30pm and everyone have to arrive at 11am for lunch. they are providing us lunch.. but i dint take it as the sayur sayuran look so not nice and i m not very hungry. hehehe! Everyone is rehearsing.. the flag waving team, the traditional costumes team, the performances team, the choir team and a lot more.. as for me.. i don nid to rehearse la.. just walk around and take pics if i want. =)

Its 1.30pm and the Grand Opening took place at the MPH (MUlti Purpose Hall).. Multi purpose hall means its multi purpose as we can do wadever we want rite? haha.. they actually have basketball court, badminton court, stage, squash court, and Gym at the upper floor.. and its air-conditioned.. OMG!! So we goona play Badminton and Squash and basketball in the AIRCON??? haha! NICE!! i m loving it! weeee!

And of coz for tha Grand opening.. they cover up all the things will carpets and so on la. and this is the Stage…

I love this pic!! it was taken when i have nth to do waiting for ppl to fill up the seats. ^^

Ahh.. people are starting to arrive.. this wil be the registration booth for the Vips and invited guests..

ALL vips can get a very nice Keychain!! Oh.. only for Vips? sobx. T.T its real pweter ok? *grin*

The place is almost full of people once the time has hit 2. and u can see our lovely Leonie is busy around but still able to take picture! hehehe!!

We can see the place is crowded with people i suppose??

This is our dearest lecturer!! Mr. Rodney and Mr. CHan.. Mr. Rodney is owes our all-time-favourite and Mr. Chan is… (xinyi and theresa’s) favourite. =) *grin* Oh.. u can see that our lecturer all have friendly and easy-to-approach faces.. how good rite? hehehe!

It was almost 2.30pm when the Chief Minister, Mr. White Hair is coming.. U can see the flag waving team is ready to wave..

And here comes the white hair.. oh.. i manage to snap a picture of him..

Haha..Hmm.. two pictures i suppose. hehe.. Look!!! HiS hair is SILKY WHITE!

The opening performances. Hmm.. its sarawak bah.. so it wil be sarawak dances..

the guy can fly!!! Oh.. isnt his tummy pain. =(

Follow by that will be the choir.. singing Sarawak anthem and Australia national anthem.

After all the speeches by white hair and our swinburne chancellor.. we Got the official opening ceremony!!

HAHAHA! guess wad??? Oh.. *paisei* YES!! they are lighting up the OBor Obor (torch) for the opening of the expanded campus!! hahaha! OLYMPIC GAMES MEH??!! swt.. =.=”

and this is the obor obor with is lighted up electrically. *huhuhuh*

After the grand opening.. everyone is heading to the A block..

Oh.. u can see ppl waving flag here too.. everywhere the white hair goes.. there are red carpets and ppl welcoming him.. He is going to Eat actually.. after His campus tour.. I din follow the campus tour but i have taken my OWN campus tour later.. ^^

This is where white hair is heading to.. so nice!!!! They are having refreshment in such a nice place?? and we are having buffet outside at the performances area. T.T They even have trained waiters and waitresses.. i heard them training them next door when i was taking the pictures. haha!

And the exhibition.. i din go in.. haha.. forgotten. =(

Okok! enuf for the white hair. i m in my own now!! Let me show u my OWN campus tour.. with lestari. ^^

Our library.. oh.. we finally have big library.. one floor just for the library!! But sad.. its so hard to find a book!!we even have toilet in the library. =)

Me.. ha ha haa!!! its so not common to see empty library so must take a pic la! haha!

This is the another side of the library. the computers and magazines section.

Our Lecture Theatre.. yes… its like a theatre.. ^^

Inside the lecture theatre.. the light is dim.. and the air con is so so so damn cold.. plus the seats is so SOFT and comfortable.. so its definitely a ideal place to get ur sleep. =D

I m not having any classes in here because it my final semester at swinburne and u noe la.. final semester owes left a few ppl.. and the theatre can accomodate for like 250ppl so its mostly the first year students who are using it.. *oh! i must snap my own pic here of coz.*

the multi-storey car park as i showed u before.. =)

some random shots of swinburne expanded campus!!

Oh.. this is the place we have our performances and our food!!!

My favourite food of the day! haha! chicken wings! they keep refilling the food and it never get emptied!! even til when they wanna keep the everything.. its still full!! argh!!! i wana tabao! haha!

The stage for performances.. Gub is the Mc!

We have a lot of performances but this one is my favourite!! duno wads the name la.. =) Also.. i m busy eating so just less picture for the performances lo.. hehehe

Our Group photo of the day!!!! weeeehehehehe! Love u girls!

Me and lestari!! again! before the everything ends!!


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WAD R U DOIN LES?? teehehe! she is so cute!