Ambrose & Connie’s Wedding

After 8 yr plus of being together.. they finally decided to upgrade their status! *hiak hiak*

Congrats Ambrose & Connie!!!

I still remember 10 yrs ago when they are still in the youth fellowship. Ambrose is the president and Connie is our vice president.. Years later.. they get together.. after we all left youth fellowship.. they continue their studies in west Malaysia… and apparently work there and now finally upgraded to Husband and Wife.. what a blessed love. How romantic!

Ytd is their Big Day.. Connie ask a few of us to be her Ji Mui-s. And also consider as a light gathering for all the youth fellowship family…!

All the long time-no-see sweethearts!

and.. the lovely corsages!!!

i love mine!!

Our pretty Bride lost 12 kg just for her wedding!!

And Breakfast and tang yuan while we are preparing the “games”

After all the planning and “games” for Heng Tai-s. They finally arrived and prepared to fall into our evil plans! *wuaaakakaka*

Some are as easy as finding the bride’s shoes..

Some are funny like posing some weird yoga pose!

Some are difficult that they required brainstorming and group discussion! *hahaha*

And some are sweet…!

Code which we have no idea wad is that about but the Bride knows!

After all the Ang Paus given.. they are finally allow to go into the hus

But still.. Heng tais have to help the groom to crawl up for the bride!! Sam fu sai la heng tais!! hahaha!


Me and chin ping camwhore juga! hahahaha!

And the pretty long red dresssssss for the wedding night…! awesome!

Dinner time is like youth gathering..

Meet up with the long lost leng luis..

With Charles!!

And those close buddies back in youth. omg..! miss u guys!

When is the next time we’ll meet again? =)