Florence’s Wedding!

Its me Cousin’s Wedding!! When there’s a wedding.. you can happily see most of your aunties uncles, grandma, cousins coming to kuching one by one just for the wedding.. From the nearest, Sarikei, Sibu, KK, Limbang, Lawas, Miri.. to KL, New Zealand, England.. People from everywhere.. Most of them reunited! *nyek nyek*

There’s only My Family, My eldest aunty’sfamily and me cousin Chris stay here in Kuching.. So u can imagine how many things they have to prepare…! *ps:i m so hungry now.. suddenly!*

As usual.. early in the morning.. Went to church for the wedding ceremony…!

Me family!! my eye bag lovesss me.. coz they never leave me alone.. T.T

How prettyyy!!

Ring exchange… and..

DANG!! Happie lovely Husband n Wife liao!

*sek sek*

Mummy finally reunited with most of her siblings..! Happie hor!

Everytime i saw her.. she surely look different. huhu! but still as tiny as b4!

Me twins Cousin.. at first.. kinda difficult to recog which one is which one.. (The last time i saw them was 10 years ago)\

But now i can recognise them by their hair! Teeehehe!

The “Pang Teh” ceremony is kinda too many pictures.. too lazy to edit so jus keep directly to the dinner la.. keke!

Not to mention the Food… the gathering itself is worth a million..

Aunties cant stop chit chatting for the whole night weii..!!

Me like the arrangement! Wooots!

And obviously.. i will be the object for dar to try out the lighting for the night..


The dinner was kinda punctual.. Bride n Groom coming in.. food served..

everything is so fast!

Even the yam seng session is fast!!

No Loso speech from DJ before cutting cake! I LIKE!

So wads left??! CAMWHORE TIME LAH! *huhuhuhu* AH yien’s favourite!

Snap Snap with dar dar! *muacks*

Snap Snap with papa mama…

Snap Snap with Aunty dearest!

Snap snap with lazy-to-go-shopping punya cousin..! *bite*

and of coz… snap snap with gorgeous bride…!

I was negotiating with Chris how come they got beer and we don have! HAHAHA.. JK LAH HOR!

Okay.. Finally.. Picture of the Day!

Show u my comel nini mummy n daddy! *hugs*