Porky Ribs!

Huhuhuhu!! Duno wad happen to me… i have been mumbling.. nagging.. and urging about Pork Ribs for the whole morning….!

Not only at Plurk…



and even MSN……


And finaally when the clock hits 11.30am.. weee.. immediately “piao” down to Mitsu Tea House to hunt for the porky ribs!!

The honey pork ribs and BBQ pork ribs are not available today.. huhuhuhu! But luckily still got steamed pork ribs with yam!!

Woootssss!! Can U SPOT the porky?! muahahaha!!

Equally satisfied!! Thankiuk dar for the lunch!!!!

Happie ah yien! okok! back to work! appointment at 2pm later! *waves*