Annna’s Bday @ De Atelier

Yesterday was chi hua hua’s 24th Birthday! We have it at De Atelier. Thank you Albert and Evelyn, the boss and the lady boss of De atelier for helping us to set up and decorate. *kekeke*

The process of decorating the place…!! *excluding the last one*

and Stevo trying the leica lens of LUMIX!!!

get excited of the ribbon bow tie that i made. huehuehue! nice right!!!

and get obsessed with it himself. =.=

Decoration checked!!

Princess chair checked!!

Plates and cutlets checked!!!

Boss filling up the glass checked!!

Origami checked!!

Photographers checked!!

and… TADA!!! *Done*

The princess arrived quite early that day…! huhu!

Got rose specially made by mamee monster!! *hiak hiak*

And kerbau.. who loves the chalk board so much coz its the same colour as his rumput…!

And when the princess arrived.. We start our feast!! *woots*

De atelier is special as they have special dish every week prepared by different chef! how cool is tat!

And this is the Star Chef special dish for that Sunday!!

Mavis Lim’s Chix Buah Keluak!!! Oh.. sorry bout the wrong spelling up there!

Buah Keluak is actually a kind of buah from indonesia.. neh.. the black one.. YES. The taste is kinda similar to satay sauce.. just that its not that heavy. =)

Black Pepper Lamb Shoulder.. i think so far this is the BEST. Is it bcoz i m a lamb lover? *huahuahua*

Chicken Masala..

Imperial Chicken…..

Beef Burger…

Fish n chips.. i like the fish coz its different from any other western cafe. This one.. they have herbs on it.

Oxtail Asam Pedas. *yum yum*

Look here look here! but everyone busy makan..

AHH.. thats better. hohoho! *moooooooo*

AFter everyone finish their foooood.. kerbau cant resist the temptation of the pool beside.. so here goes kerbau and annna busy playing the pool

Good also coz we can have time to prepare the cake! *ngek ngek*

Happpy birthday CHH!!!

Oh.. make a wish make a wish…!

Oh….  Pose pose pose!!!

Guess what… Canon 7D~

Nice right the bow tie! wuakakaka!

AHHHHH! i wang to b ing the pikcher oso neh!!!!

Stevo snapped picture. he wan me to post this up! kekeke! Its cake eating time..

and semmpppaaat for Mr. late comer CHENKY for one bite.

Albert n Annna! Albert…! next time have to giv me red wine oso hor! *merajuk*

Present time!!

Posing with her belongings gonna be.

And everyone is soo curious wad JF and Stevo bought for ANNNA

YES! Both of them!!! Imagine!!


I shall reveal it in the next post la. *nyek nyek*