Delicious @ 1U, KL

My 24th Birthday is a peaceful one.. Spent the actual day at KL with my family for lun’s convo as well.

We went to this cafe called Delicious. Ya i know.. its all around KL.

Love the environment.. Love the people.. Its perfect for birthday dinner 🙂

Its my first time here.. and since i was the birthday queen for that particular day.. i get to order for everyone. 😀

Mango, Lychee and Kaffir Blast.. RM 9.90

Thai Cooler.. RM 9.90

Root Beer Float.. RM 8.90

For Starter.. we had Spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing.. RM 14.90

I still prefer the Spicy Buffalo wings from Chillis but this one is slightly different as they use Blue Cheese Dressing instead of the normal sour cream.. Well.. Love it as well.

Oh.. i forgot to mention i bought this lebbit with me too XD

Thai Crab Meat with aromatic herbs, spices and olive oil.. RM 24.90

Look at the generous amount of crab meat.. Its a lil bit sour in flavour and the combination of herbs and spices definitely pull up the whole plate of linguine!! We can finish this in seconds!

And the Mains for the night is…

Duck Confit with charred potato, mushrooms, sauerkraut and mustard cream sauce.. RM 32.90

Highly recommended by me.. or.. everyone in my table.. they served the whole juicy drumstick of the duck.. tossed with perfectly charred potatoes and mushrooms.. a mouthful of those potatoes is enough to make you smile..

Not yet not yet.. poured down the entire cup of mustard cream sauce.. uhlala.. theres too much to say.. be there and try it tonight ok?

Last one.. Seriously Delicious Cheeseburger.. No No.. the name is call “Seriously Delicious Cheeseburger”.. RM 24.90.

The portion was alright but as compared to all the food i had this evening.. this is the least impressive. I’ll go for Jack Daniel’s Burger at TGI Friday tho.

Before the dinner ends, my lovely brother pulled me out to choose for desserts!!

Pavlova definitely caught my attention.. not to say with all those strawberries on top!! Oh.. not forgetting the shredded chocolate.. *YUM*

It was so pretty i cant really take my eyes off the Pavlova…

Pavlova as my Birthday cake this year?? Such a good idea! Thankiuk papa mama and ah lun..

Oh.. and keren also *shy*

I think i had more than half the Pavlova myself!