Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora, SEA Aquarium RWS Singapore

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora — renowned celebrity chef and the first female iron chef in Singapore. Ocean Restaurant is located inside the SEA Aquarium. Other than the fine dine experience, the dining concept with a magnificent view of the aquarium in the restaurant is one of the attraction point.

DSC04090There are two entrances to Ocean Restaurant. One is with the SEA Aquarium ticket and go straight till the end where the giant tank is. Easier this way. 

Another one is without the SEA Aquarium ticket, the main entrance is at West Zone Carpark, B1M, near Equarius Hotel. 

For me, we took the easier way, bought the SEA Aquarium tickets because its our first time to the Aquarium as well, but our reservation is at 11.30am so…. not quite a good choice tho. The reason is because if we were to go to the Ocean Restaurant first before visiting, we still have to walk through all the way till the end, means we already roughly walked through the whole attractions and marine animals which makes no excitement di. 🙁 What to do. 

DSC04092Tada, we were early. The restaurant only opens at 11.30am for the lunch session. So still can snap snap and walk around the giant tank.

DSC04100We have more than half an hour loitering before the restaurant opens. Free time! Somehow realising that its a different kinda of feeling to just sit in front of the aquarium and kinda realised I am observing their ecology. 



DSC04103_pFeel like a marine pro!

DSC04109Time passed really fast when I was day dreaming revelled in. 11.30am sharp!

DSC04111Walk through this beautiful place and to the fantasy of fishes

DSC04113This is where we dined!! Looking at the fishes while eating them. T^T  The seats were quiet limited so make sure you make your reservation. 

DSC04139Magnificent isnt it. Just couldnt help to take lotsa photos with the tank

DSC04116Ocean Restaurant I am finally here! 

DSC04115Impressive table decor

DSC04117Hello!! She is here as well. *kiss kiss smell smell*

DSC04124Took our orders and here we go for photo session!

DSC04125Love this pic but i have no idea how to make my face brighter and the tank darker. Any Photoshop buddy who want to help me up. So mean fail attempts with my photoscape software di. Huhuhu!


DSC04137Anyway.. more photos… 

DSC04121Papa mama and a school of barramundi.


DSC04165_pJust snap snap snap as many as you like but..please take note that this is a fine dining so.. it was kinda quiet. And you can sense the waiters are looking at you but oh well, be humble and snap more 🙂

It was not long later when the drinks were served. 

DSC04120Cranberry juice for mama

DSC04123Orange juice for papa

DSC04141Mojito for myself and wine for lun

On that particular day, they were serving this 4 course meal. Theres a minimum spending of SGD38++ if you do not want to take the 4 course meal. However, no sharing is allow 🙂 


For starters : 

1. Scottish Salmon Rilette (sour cream chantilly, lemon compote & puffed rice paper)

DSC04161Love the combination of all. Creamy on the rilette, crunchy on the rice paper and a tick of sourish on the greens. Appetizing.

2. Kingfish Tartare (watermelon, passionfruit & tomatillo ice)

DSC04159The sweetness of the fruits compliments the kingfish well but.. just average good for me

3. Blue Swimmer Crab Risotto (fennel & crab roe)

DSC04164This is my portion. Love this. The risotto is very creamy and it definitely absorb all the goodness from the crab roe. For the fennel, push the dish further a step. 

4. Sauteed Norwegian Prawn (Olio Aglio Style, Parsley Pesto & Parmesan Espuma)

DSC04153Prawn was cooked to perfection. 

1st Main : Fish

1. Pan Fried Fresh Fish from New Zealand (pickled celery heart & balsamic-caper reduction)

DSC04172I like the mild dressing from the pickled celery heart but I like the balsamic-caper reduction even more. Well, you know i love it to be creamy at the same time the salty caper reduction that lingers around just instantly reduce the greasiness in your mouth. 

2. Crispy Skin Barramundi (parma ham floos & apple celeriac slaw)

DSC04178The least impressive among all but of course, still very good. But kinda awkward when the barramundi swimming around you saw you eating their kind. hehe

3. Pan Seared Glacier 51 Toothfish (Mentaiko, Yuzu-Soy Reduction, Crispy Garlic & Scallion)

DSC04179Mine!! Yuzu-Soy Reduction was just nice, not too overpowering. Mentaiko added more flavours to the fish. They all say mine was the best fish dish.. I personally love my papa’s which is the new zealand fish.. I guess i just fall in love with the balsamic capers reduction of his. Teehehe!

2nd Main : Meats

1. Braised-Seared Beef Short Rib (Sauteed Pea Vine, King Oyster Mushroom & Soya with Black Truffle Vinaigrette)

DSC04183Mad love!! It was so flavourful, complicated as in it feels like theres a thousand flavours going through your palate. The beef short rib just melted in your mouth. Melting them with the black truffle, feels like a king! 

2. Miso Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly (Sauteed Wakame, Dried Fermented Black Bean & Miso Reduction)

DSC04191Melt again. Pork Belly melted again! Japanese fusion. Simple yet delicious

3. Crispy Boneless Confit of Duck Leg (Japanese Sweet Potato, Caramelized Hazelnut & Pomegranate Molasses)

DSC04185Ok this one dont melt but it was juicy and tender. I like the nutty element from the hazelnut infused with the sweetness of the fruit. You’re just so pretty, duck. 


1. Creme D’anjou (Cheese Curd & Fresh Berries)

DSC04204Papa & I had this. My personal favourite for the dessert. Fluffy cheese curd with berries. Im Happy

2. Bonet (Chocolate Pudding with Orange Chantilly)

DSC04199Averagely good. 

3. Vacherin (Textures of Strawberry & Creme Fraiche)

DSC04198Whereas every else except me think this is the best dessert among all. 

DSC04223And its not just an ordinary lunch.

DSC04217Its a birthday lunchie for my brother! Hehehehe! The main reason why we went to Singapore for!

DSC04212Happy Birthday Bibi! 

DSC04216Thank You Ocean Restaurant for the complimentary birthday cake!

DSC04146_pWe were happy with the food. I dont know about you but 4 course meal is fulfilling enough for me. Eat til got double chin fml. The bill came out to be SGD 355 which is around RM 923. Averagely i would say SGD 88 per person.

DSC04226After that, we went exploring.

DSC04097Beautiful but maybe we have high expectations I think its just okay. Or isit because we went to too many Aquariums… My family tend to have this routine habit of visiting Aquariums wherever we went travelling. A lil bit disappointed because I think even Bangkok and Melbourne’s aquarium are far more impressive. 

DSC04230_pAnyway… Still need to take some pics for memories 🙂

And i’ve bought this monopod beginning of the year but never use it until now. Damn!! Should not buy that early because i think the price drop drastically due to the high demand and popularity. Hmpf!

DSC04240_pExperimenting with the monopod..

DSC04236_pWeeee* everyone look slimmer with the pro 45 angle shot. Or higher!


DSC04246_pLove this one the most… yea.. need not to say.. because my baby girl is in <3<3<3 *kiss kiss smell smell*