Our premium tmot’s 25th bday @ Tarot Cafe

Whose birthday falls on the 25th of January??! Yup! Its our super beloved premiumest timothy walter voon!

wuakakaka! Well.. ting is going back to sarikei for cny and na is not around kuching.. so we celebrate tmot’s birthday earlier.. AT TAROT CAFE!!

Okay.. food first or people first..? people first la hor.. coz the food not really complete eh.. some blur blur so i din post up. keke!

As usual.. we celebrate tmot’s bday with the gang! hmm.. the only person not around will be Aaron.. aka ah lieng! kaka! So here are all the sweethearts attended!

First of all will be the premium tmot aka the birthday king for the day and his babe, ting!!

Followed up will be the famous Gordon and Annna… Annna is too femes til she don wan to look at my cam! sobx!!! *crying*

Pui Joo and Chenky!!! Pui joo say she look weird in the pic.. no la joo.. as pretty as owes hor..

Gladys and Sharon!! the double sweets!

Rose rose my darling!! muahaha! finally she din shake liao! *hmpf*

Paul Paul!! the one wearing red colour.. next to his neighbour gORdon! keke! ee.. u ppl ajak ho one horrr.. hor.. horr..

Our big big Johnston!!!

Monica and ME!! wuakakkakaka!!

and Eve.. so late one this lady.. T.T

Tarot Cafe got a very nice concept for yam cha session.. however, the service is poor and the food is not so special but in an on average price.. BUT hor.. the drinks served are special and nice.. except for my Tarot Coffee..! keke!

Ice Lemon Tea.. i think Gor and Tim ordered! hmmm.. nice o not ar.. forgot to ask them o.. keke!

Ting’s watermelon kinda juice! hehe! with annna as the background! wah! this drink felt so honoured!

Tarot Coffee.. neh.. this is the one i say not so nice lo.. super SWEEEET!

Rose Gui Ling Gao!

Dessert.. i think no one order this but it suddenly appear on our table.. so.. makan saja loh.. keke!

As usual..yam cha session.. we have fries as our appetizer.. keke!! one for all of us.. and one for gordon! ehehe.. Gordon was super active that day.. hmm!! sth fishy going on hor.. *grin*

Gordon’s Fried Rice.. with extra drumstick!

Tim’s Nasi Lemak Special.. its very nice hor! i stole some of the sambal!! wuakaka

My herbal steamed chicken with perserved vege! hmmm.. good for me lah!

Ting’s nissin with sausage and egg..

Joo’s fried nissin with drumstick! this one look so nice eh! next time i gonna try it liao..

Monica’s masak merah..

Another of Gordon’s fav.. fried wonton!

Chenky’s Fried bee hoon.. =.=”

Na’s and Gor’s half half kimchi noodles.. *lalaalallala*

And sharon’s sausage and cheese.. she eat so little nei..

Jf’s nissin with wonton..

Huhu.. when was with the gang.. its owes full of laughter and joy.. and tables around us must be thinking we are so outta our mind.. kaka! but who cares.. we are having so much fun!! Timmy ar.. hope u enjoy the nite hor!!!

Cake for the premium!! Chocolate cheese if not mistaken! hehehe!! u like ma?

Wuakakaa!! I got video i got video!

See how cute he is!!! doesnt look like a 25 years old guy at all!!

Oh.. another cutie beside!! hehe! i like this pic! sooooo cute!

Camwhore camwhore b4 i left! hehehe!

Me present for him!! *look at tim’s fingers*

Group pic! OH!! we missed out so many group pic for many others gather gather but luckily this time got hor!! two somemore! muahaha~

Tim look like everyone’s papa!

Last but not least.. the tauke gave tim a watermelon dessert!! hehe! premium tusi premium! even tauke oso give face hor!!

Happie tmot!!! Happie birthday wor!

The Gang owes love u! *hugs hugs*