Papa’s 56th Burdae

08.02.2010 is papa’s 56th birthday.. we had awesome dinner at Mr.Ho fine food that evening

Nice ambiance..

romantic candlelight candle for four. hohoho!

So.. lets start!

Ginger beer for lun and i~ mummy say she wanna share with us.

Cappuccino for daddy~

while we were waiting for the food.. we took some pictures!!

posing! hahaha! so cute!

Lun, Papa and Mama!

and me.. camwhore with mr.bulky..

As for starter, we have creamy mussels *RM 15.90* i’ll rate this one 9/10 because it fulfilled all my taste buds. its creamy, its buttery.. and when u dip the bread into the creamy butter sauce.. its heaven! high high high highly recommended!

Now.. we have this Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chilli Flakes. *RM 12.90* I love this one but i guess it dint really impressed everyone especially after we have that awesome creamy mussels as starter. hahaa!

Next, we have Pasta in Alfredo Sauce. *RM 14.90* I m a big fans of carbonara and alfredo.. and this one.. its really delicious.. extremely creamy and cheesy.. so.. for those who are craving for alfredo.. go for it!

And our Main Course for the day.. Family Platter.. WOOOOTS! *RM 68* Family Platter consists of 2 different types of german sausages, pork ribs, pork knuckles, 3 layered pork, Roasted Chicken.. nice roasted potatoes and stewed vege!! i recommend for 6 person because we cant really finished it. hohoho!

Mama volunteer to b the first!

And so after all the mingling.. chit chatting and gossiping session…

its time to cut the cake!!! *weeeeee*

Looking happy when the crew sang burdae songs for papa~

and poof!!!

Happpie bday papa~ love u!

i like the caption of this pic in lun’s blogkeren was late cause shes a busy bear. HAHAHAHA! so cute!!!

and before we leAve… mr.waiter is kind enuf to help us with the family photo!