The Lil Birthday Party ^^

Yup. I m fast.. cause lao mao is fast enough to transfer the pictures for me.. So i m gonna blog about it before i have my one busy week of assignment-ing. *great!!*

We threw a little BBQ surprise party for Pik qii at lao mao’s house. And before that, i went to lao mao’s crib early to do some preparations. Of coz not only the blown balloon, we have this!

Water balloons.. haha! thinking back, it has been more than 10 years since i played with those things. >.<“

FIrst thing first, she was surprised with the birthday cake when she entered into the house. woots! everyone is so co-operate for hiding behind the stairs! 

Happie Birthday Pik Qii!! Realised the cartoon on the cake… don misunderstand.. we are all grown up i know.. just that her nick is actually “pikachu” given by some guys back ahead.. so we just decided to tease her with that. ^^

Next on, we have a BBQ, Gosh! i owes love BBQ.. Only when lotsa honey is provided la.. =) BBQ without enuf honey is NOT A BBQ.. YES… its my theory. 

Here’s our chicken wing master.. on the first half and lo ngiao for the second part.

I m doing hotdogs and crabmeat.. hoho! i just love them!! i mean.. love them when they are all in thick honey.. 

Ah Hu touching the hot dog PROVING he does not afraid of it.. Yup.. HE IS AFRAID OF SAUSAGES.. so if anyone intended to scare him off.. just buy a dozen of sausages.. *grin*

I love lotsa-honeyed hotdogs..

and she loves lotsa-honeyed chicken wings! Ngam chin!

Also, not forgeting to camwhore!

and with the birthday girl! ^^

And this is the little trick for her before we start our water fight!

She is camwhoring with the little candled-love candles when we started the balloon fight.. but of coz.. no one take any pictures of it during the water splashing moments la..

The aftermath..

CLeaning or “waiting”

Here’s the group pics! everyone is wet hor.. so fun.. hmm.. except one la. =.=”

and lastly before everything ends.. her another present!! Hope ya like it! ^^ *i m sure she will LOVE it*