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Malaysia is getting more hypocrite?

Damn! Hate to say that this post is purely my own personal opinion. Sick of reading those useless issue title like what K-pop issue recently. Don’t you Malaysian government have better and more serious things to do?? Now you want to restrict all the kissing movie and control media communication. WHY not I give you […]

Random Thoughts

Just finish updating the news for QZ8501 which disappeared on the 28th December 2014 and crashed into the Java Sea off borneo. Currently 40 bodies have been discovered with 9 identified. Reading the news with a heavy heart.. report says that most of the corpse will probably be sinking after 2 weeks in the sea.. Aviation […]

Pray for QZ8501

It has been a rough year. Indeed a very devastating year with 3 aviation disasters in 10 months time. MH 370 still missing since March until now.. MH17 been shot down in July and now.. QZ8501 went missing since early yesterday.  Is there something we dont know out there? Conspiracy? It is too cruel to […]

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