A Busy March

I am busy. I am very busy. I am extremely busy. ARGHH!!

March is a busy month this year.. I neglected so many things.. Sorry bloggie as you can see… i have to set you aside for a little while 🙂

I started to pick up having breakfast everyday!!

Not only breakfast but.. BIG BREAKFAST!!

These 2 days without breakfast is like… so suffering! Omg omg omg!

I am breakfast addicted. Teehehe!

These two months i have been eating out very frequent.. i then found my three favourite makan makan place… 😀

1. Imperial Duck…

Not only the roasted duck is a blast..

Mango duck and noodles are my favourite tooo!!!

2. Taiwan Siao Jou

When i feel guilty of eating so many good food.. i will opt for this! *nom nom nom* butter chicken and Taufu i love!

3. Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw

Delicious Food with reasonable price.. Always the best choice 😀

Oh.. one more important thing…! I start to pick up chocolate as well!! Slowly… but of coz.. chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream all those are still not acceptable yet. Teeehehehe!

I am currently rushing this HongKong drama called <鱼跃在花见之朝>.. Its all about the story related to Sushi.. I am so rushing over this drama because i will end up craving for Japanese food every time i watched the movie! So i have to finish the drama FAST.

I have been like having two Japanese dinner in 4 days.. =.=

Sanga will be the place..

*nom nom nom*

Paused a while for food.. March is a mourning month for the World as well.. Just merely a few weeks.. there are like 3 natural disasters running over already..

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch on the 22 February 2011. A 5.4 magnitude earthequake in Southwest China on the 10 March 2011 and recently a heavy one.. a 8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan on the 11 March 2011 and worse to the worst it triggered a Tsunami that caused major death toll and effected Honolulu and many other countries. A day later.. theres an explosion on those nuclear plant.. they are trying to save it now… Everyday when you flip the newspaper or browse through the updates in CNN.. non of it is a good news.. Is the world coming to the end soon?

Okay.. take a break from all the bad news.. i turned 24 last month…!!

And a good sunday for me.. I got 2 lovely gifts!!