Day 2 of September

I think i need a hair cut. My bangs is very annoying. Thought of going for a hair cut with lao mao this afternoon but ended up.. i decided to wait for like.. maybe a week or two because am planning to get a proper hair cut. Not only to trim my bangs as planned earlier. hohoho!

Anyway.. i think my blog kinda like slowly been replaced by my facebook di.. As much as i love to blog.. sometimes you just don see the comfort being stalked by some people. Or even like if i said something extreme.. friends or whoever which are concerned.. they will keep advising not to state that on the blog and bla bla bla..

When i was in my uni life, people often do ask me, what is the good thing about blogging. First comes in my mind was.. you can express your feeling in your blog.. you can write whatever you feel like in your blog because its your blog.

Now.. as more things are coming.. i find it really uncomfortable to write any of my personal things or feelings here. Why? First, normally when u write your personal stuff in your blog.. its either you are touched by some incidents or you are just too sad to share to someone else but to write. Well, the thing is.. people will start asking. Come on la, i mean.. sometimes, they just want to express it in the blog, doesnt mean that they need your advice on that particular stuff.

I stop sharing my personal things in my blog. Now, i concentrate food in my blog. But somehow, people will just misunderstood like.. oh my.. you are so rich you eat a lot of good food. The truth is.. most of the food blog is accumulated.. means.. i only go once in a while.. not everyday. Secondly, it might be a function or an event. AHHH! why am i explaining! i should care less.

Blogging but is not able to blog like the way you want. AHH! no point. Everytime before i blog, i will have to consider who will be reading this.. what will they think… will i get nag later? AHH! forget about it.. just don blog. Seee.. that is why sometimes i really feel like.. there is no point to blog. *haih*

Maybe i should just share some meaningful things once in a while then. 😀

Not just blog. Facebook is getting less and less privacy as well. What should i do? MIA from all social networks? hahahaha!