FIFA World Cup 2010~!

Today ends the FIFA World Cup 2010!! Guess whaT? afterall.. Paul the octopus is right! omg! hahaha!!



Anyhow.. i m happy bcoz… other than my favourite Cristiano Ronaldo… my another two favourites are in Spain. so…. obviously i m happy Spain won. hohohoho….



Yesh.. purposely staying up so early late to catch this exciting match hor… and now its 5.18am! hohoho!

Exciting as in… 90 mins nil-nil… another 30 mins extra.. and it goaled at around 28mins.

Thanks to Torres.. Although its Iniesta who goal it.. but for me is still Torres who pass the ball!! Very NICE TEAMWORK!!! woooohooooo!!!

Picture of the Day:

i love this pig. =)