I am learning photoshop!

Gosh.. i just learn how to use photoshop the day before and it is like.. wow.. its killing me actually.. very complicated for beginners like me.. sobx..! When i looked at xiaxue’s clicknet TV teaching people how to use photoshop.. i was like.. wow.. actually it is quite easy, BUT when i really came into it.. I m stuck!!! Xiaxue is impressive!!

So far, i only know how to use the “Artistic” function… which is to make ur photo into different effects.. *like my header* and also.. how to type in words.. *well.. this is kinda too common basic lah!* haiz.. Today, i decide to try on doing watermarks for my photos using photoshop.. Congrats me!! Congrats me!!!! after a long whinning evening i looked into the net. i finally learned to make the simple one.. but still.. the one i desired.. which is the 3D look-alike watermarks are still no where to be seen.. sobx!! its so complicated.. i don even noe where to find the tools and options.. *fainted*

Help help help help……

I am looking for some photoshop expert to teach me on the watermarks.. and also how to edit the words nice nice.. basically i only wanna learn this two lar.. wuakakaka!! Fabby is pro in photoshop.. maybe i shud ask her somehow.. =) *lalalala*

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