I’m back from Japan!

Hello! I’m back from Japan! The worst feeling when you were on the plane back to Malaysia.. Holidays always end so fast. Nevermind, back to work and save more fund for the next trip! ahahahha! 


Things I really miss in Japan :

  1. FOOD, so good! Just so so so so so GOOOOOD
  2. Combini (convenience stores like Lawson’s, family mart, 7 eleven) The food there easily beats most of the cafes in Malaysia)
  3. Heating toilet seats (keep your butt warm during the winters)
  4. Lights controller (you can reach off your light with a controller, no need to wake up and go off your lights)
  5. The weather (even its extremely cold, i still love it)
  6. Izakaya (their clubs and entertainment place closed at 1am, but Izakaya opens either 24 hours or until early morning like 5am or 6am. And they served great food!)
  7. Chubby dogs (Most of their dogs are extremely chubby and cute!! Lotsa chubby shiba inus!!)
  8. Drinkable tap water (Water can be drink straight from the tap)
  9. Technology (They have all kinds of technologies in Japan, we feel like a suaku)
  10. Vending Machines (Everything got their vending machines)

Yeap, never get tired of Japan! Planning another one soon!