Of Scary Photoshoot

I never have a personal photoshoot, even when im 18 or 21. Therefore, one random decision when Debbie was back for a very short holiday somewhere around last last year, we randomly decided to do a photoshoot of us. Hahaha! Just one of the random to do list outta another 10. I was like thinking yay! finally i can have my own album during my 25th?. It turned out.. ah lian.. T.T Non of us posted it up in either fb or whatsoever thing because.. it was really ah lian. (ah lian means doesnt look elegant or beautiful, its like kinda.. messed up la i would say. It also means that when people saw the album, they will like : Yerr.. why like that one… how much? Omg. so not worth, keep in your cupboard better la.) This kinda feel. And i agree. Sad! Its solely on debbie, my friends and my opinion… so dont sue me la. hehehe! I personally give the make up a 7/10, the phootshoot 3/10 and the editing -5/10. Yes Negative 5. Only because i dont like the editing with the wordings like those : love, it what with what and what. or.. : Friendship, is what and what and what.. in mandarin somemore. You get what i mean now? I requested them to take out the wordings or quotes so i guess i shall give a -3/10. TQVM. So now its time to admire lotsa thick make up. Hohoho.

IMG_6598The reason we chose this bridal is because.. we saw one of our friend’s photoshoot there and its quite nice to be honest. I guess we were too shallow. Because the friend only post like a few pictures. Maybe the only few nice one. Sobs. Anyway, if you have a nice photoshoot there, its awesome. Just ours were disaster. Unlucky us!

IMG_6599-horzI love the first make up. Because i think its a lil bit princessy. Muahahahha!

IMG_6617 - CopyHello Purple.

IMG_6627Debbie and I.

IMG_6636And the whole body shot. This is the only look we both like 🙂

IMG_6637Second Outfit will be peachy and grey. I think this outfit of mine look better with this hair hor.

IMG_6661Hair Done.

IMG_6658The finally Look. Huhuhu! i dont like my hairdo.

IMG_6696But i like debbie’s hehehehe!

IMG_6706The photoshoot took us whole day. From 9am to 11pm. By the time for the 3rd outfit. its already very dark.

IMG_6699i have no comment. hahahaa! Just feel like laughing.

Oh.. this is not the worst nah.. 

IMG_6716HOHOHO! it can be my outfit for halloween! Knot simply come out at night with this look.

IMG_6710Woooooo~~~ momok come out le..