Preparation for CHH’s

The crew for the birthday dinner. *Nyek nyek nyek*

We gather gather at Gladys house one fine Sunday.. and start doing everything tat we needed..

The theme for the Birthday Dinner is ORIGAMI.. so basically everyone have to come out with their own origami.. and as u know.. lotsa guys don do origami.. so.. Gladys and i were to do the Origamis for the majority.

The origami-s that i made.


And ahlost is busy folding the mini origami birds… and 3D love. *teehehe*

Gladys being the supervisor for Stevo.. command Stevo to cut the present paper…

Look at AHlost face.. theres some cut down on the amount of the origami coz.. mr.STevo duno how to make origami bird.. and… he cut the present paper wrongly. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! but at last! all of us were able to finish everything on time! *woooots*