Revamp bloggie


Its 5.24 now!! I should be sleeping by now instead of online online online and online! No when i have to wake up by 8.00am for my first day of part time job!!! maybe there isn’t any “wake ups” at all..arrrgh!!!! how how how?

Yes.. i am starting my part time tomolo.. God bless me for i have to work for the morning and afternoon class.. please blessed me with shinning strong eyes.. hahahahaha!!! Oh.. i m surfing on the net looking for suitable theme for my blog..

Its time to revamp my bloggie.. its so messy now and i am so not happie with the layout for this theme.. sobx.. I have been looking into i think roughly 17 plus website for the theme and yet… not founded yet. *sobx*

Anyone.. i would be extremely happie if u know any url for wordpress theme.. *watery eyes*

Ok ok la.. just bla-ing ma.. nth to do mah.. haiz.. haiz..