Dupy, im worried

Dupy you ok ma?

2nd August 2013. 

Today is honestly weird. Very weird. Since 1st August when i woke up. I feel weird. Talk about it later. Dupy always had nightmares or i should say she always dream… A lot. Sometimes in the middle of the night or even afternoon time.. She will have nightmares and suddenly screamed or barked. 

Around 3.45am just now.. suddenly she screamed.. its like SCREAM in a dog way.. I run out to see.. she is lying there.. lying side way.. with both ears standing up.. i call her from the door.. called her so many times but she dint move at all. but she is still breathing.. i walked up to see her.. and i call her again.. she is like paralyzed like that.. but her eye balls are moving.. i slowly touched her.. she is trembling.. and the next second.. she become so soft.. I try to pick up her legs and let go.. it jus dropped. I was so scared.. i run to my parents room and wake papa mama up..

Papa run out.. switched on the light and shocked to see she peed. I mean.. she is lying there and she peed. Thats very very very weird. and her gums and tongue is super pale. To tell you the truth i am freaked out. Because there is no way i can find a vet at this hour.. Is she poisoned? Or something??

After a while of pampering and talking to her.. she seems ok. I googled dupy’s symptoms and googled shows some possibilities:

1.) She is shocked and lack of oxygen.

2.) Blood lose and internal bleeding

3.) Heart failure, Blood infection or trauma

Means its all BAD things. Dupy is 13 years old this year.. I know.. But.. PLEASE be safe until morning at least i can get her to the vet. Please please. And if she is in shocked.. who shocked her? It reminds me of all the weird things i felt the whole morning.

I woke up and found myself itching and red patches everywhere, I thought it was my bedsheet. But i just change the bedsheet yesterday. I used vacuum and clean the room.. Bedsheet and everything.. I cleaned part A… and cleaned part B. and when i was relieved.. I saw theres some black debris alike thing at part A… cleaned it.. turn to B… a lot of short hairs.. cleaned it.. turned to A.. some short hair and black thing.. repeat cleaning and cleaning for 5 times..

When to take bath. Heard weird sound. like pounding the door. I switched off everything.. nothing.. and bathed again.. sound again. I ignore.. when to my room..stayed a little while.. it just feel WEIRD. because it is toooo silent. You get what i mean? Normally at least morning wont be so silent.. its extremely silent.. ok.. my body is still itchy.. i went to bath for a second time… the same sound and pounding thing happened again..

After bath.. i try to text bun about what have happened. And i heard like got plastic sound near my cupboard.. Bun called. Talked to him for a while and nothing happen anymore..

Well.. maybe just crazy me. But.. i feel uncomfy about it