I seriously need a new laptop. *crying face* I m so not willing to let go of my current one but.. i really have no choice.. haih!!

I m sure a lot of you read about my blog complaining my laptop spoilt la.. and so on.. but my mummy’s fren manage to fix it temporarily.. so.. i WAS happie.. until cny.. my laptop can no longer online… nvm.. i still can use it to see pictures and edit photos and so on.. until days ago..

5 Days ago : Mummy ask me to try to use cable to online.. bcoz wireless really spoilt liao

4 Days ago : I try to use cable online and it really works!!! i WAS so happie

3 Days ago : Cable online only can view certain website only.. haih! blogspot with simple designed blog.. google.. and facebook super slow..

2 Days ago : Completely knot online again!! argh!

Yesterday : Totally knot online and hardly can switch On! Tried 10 times and only 2 times it can be switched on


Dar try to online and help me to search for the motherboard… and guess what.. the cheapest oso need 300 canadian.. woots! then i better buy a new one lah.. haih!

Anyone got any suggestions? For now, there are only two kinds of supporters and opinion givers.. DELL supporters and COMPAQ supporters.. as all of you know.. i m such an electronic dummies.. so means.. keke! i duno which one is better leh!!

DELL inspiron 1525?

Compaq CQ40-137TU??

I duno ah!! Tell me liao.. hmm.. of coz.. with such a very very tight budget…. don so expensive one la hor…

I m waiting for your opinion ah!