The silence after 6

Some of the people say.. life journey is like your working hours. Theres time when you are busy, you are rushing. you are pursuing your goals, you are hitting the wall, you are in great position, you are in your lowest ground. But after the clock hits 6. Theres total silence in your office. At least for my case, i am. Sometimes in life, you are just rushing for your moment, just holding on something which you wanted or believed so much. Why not take a rest, stop, think and rethink. I love my office after 6pm. Not to say its off work time but the total silence just peace me off. Total silence means you can even listen to the sound of a dropping pin. It is when you mind stop thinking as well. Appreciating the silence in the room. Take a deep breathe and start to heal your busy mind. Sometimes, you can just realised a tiny thing that you missed out during the rush hours. 

I always asked myself this question. But i never really sort it out. Are you living for yourself or you are living for others. Its easy to say : Hey, its ur life! live for yourselves. Live life to the fullest. I dont know about you but how easy can it be, to ignore others can just live your own life. There are a lot of aspects in life, a lot of people in your life, a lot of things to take into consideration. For my side, i never really did what for myself except my blog which is something i love to do. At least when i dont feel like talking, my fingers talk my thoughts out. 

Its more like a platform to say out whats in your mind. I tend to write a lot of my stuff in the blog but somehow when the blog is more exposed, i have to keep it as general as it can be. Yeah, who cares, who are they to judge. But well, surprisingly, spread of words did make a big impact.

Enjoy the moment of silence now. Really enjoy every minute of it. I feel peace. For the first time after so many things. What should i call that? Avoiding? Yes? No? I am not so sure. Maybe i am. But my head is really cracking.. My body cant handle it no more. I feel like i almost collapse. Maybe just a selfish little time alone for my mind? A “me” time which i couldnt get easily. 

Office… Oh My God. I just love you after 6.