CNY dinner at The Banquet Kuching 2015

Schedule packed? Reunion dinners lining up even a week before Chinese New Year? In this food concious society nowadays, I believed you wont be just having one reunion dinner, you gonna have reunion dinners with your friends, your colleagues, your classmate, your bosses, your every network linked partners. I’m having one next week and only now then I know what’s the problem of having earlier celebration.

Problem 1 : A lot of restaurants and hotels do not provide CNY package dinner yet. They only start 2 or 3 days before CNY

Problem 2 : CNY package dinner is kind of expensive even in a very normal chinese restaurant. Starting price like 488? *hmmm*

So here comes the solution. Started serving on the 4th February 2015 until Chinese New Year! Good ambience, good quality of food and most foremost very affordable price. The Banquet Kuching. I’ll attached the menu here as reference. Wanted to have reunion dinner at home but too lazy to cook? No problem, CNY dinner take away package is only RM 218 nett. Tempting right?



IMG-20150204-WA0025Ok lets start the feast. Oh by the way, the dishes we are having as below is not a fixed package dishes but they are New year special ala carte, which is highly recommended by the chef. Yums yums. Yes you can get them at a very good price too! 

DSC01326The tradition first!

DSC01323Prosperity toss with Mango smoked duck. 

DSC01324Something unique about the prosperity toss, they infused mango flavoured to the smoked duck… a very mild tingling madness of mango when you bite into the smoked duck. Oh nom nom nom* 

DSC01350My happy lovely eating groupie *winks winks*

DSC01329Stir-fried Mix Vegetables with scallops in egg yolk-yam ring

DSC01332The twist is not the scallop. Its the egg yolk-yam ring.. which sadly I’m so busy eating i forgot to take a picture of it. hehehe! But everything with egg yolk is niceee! 

DSC01338Broccoli with stewed dried oyster served with black moss. 

DSC01334Special braised duck with black pepper. Now, this is something I need to shout about. Nothing similar to the normal braised duck you have in other restaurant. This is a creation, or you can say inspiration of the chef to cook the duck in black pepper. It might look normal but hey! once you take a bite of it, you want more. The mild spicy kick of the black pepper layered with 5 different spices compliment the duck just well. The marination is spot on, duck is sinfully juicy and the stuffing.. need not to say.. memorizes you! Not to further elaborate it, you have to try to believe it!

DSC01342Another dish I love the most is the Prosperity “Poon Choi”. “Poon Choi” simply means the Big Bowl Feast, served in a wooden or porcelain basins layered with more than 10 types of different ingredients. A perfect choice for gathering and those who are lazy to cook during this special day of Chinese New Year, what do we have in here? Almost everything prosperous! 

DSC01340For the Banquet “Poon Choi”, we have dried scallop, sea cucumber, fish maw, sea asparagus, prawns, roasted duck, mushroom, bean gluten, lotus root and yam. For ala carte “Poon Choi” they are selling at RM 268 nett with a free big pot! Now, this is something! 🙂 For me, every ingredient is cooked well, seasoned well and presented well. I can still imagine me eating the sea cucumber!! hohohoho

DSC01346_pSo what are you waiting for? The best solution for your Chinese New Year eve reunion dinner is just in front of you! Call 082-451414 to order and your dinner is good to go!! Specially thanks to The Banquet group for the helpful and always in service attitude! *mua*

Now, give me chances to post my selfie pic! *weeeeeeeeeeeee* and Happy Goat Year everyone! *cuddle cuddle*