24 hours Dim Sum @ Restaurant Yan Yan A One, Kuala Lumpur

The one cultural that we love in west Malaysia is the unlimited supply of good food after 12 midnight. Not to say we dont have it in east Malaysia but the choices are certainly limited. I have heard friends talking about 24 hours dim sum in all around the place but the top 2 i love the most is the one in cheras which i cant remember the name and the other one will be this one —– Restaurant Yan Yan A One at Old Klang Road. *love*

DSC03314I think they are having the new promotion which stated that all dim sum will be served at the flat rate of RM 3 after 12 midnight. However, what we had that day was still RM 4 for all. T.T


DSC03283They have all kinds of dim sum. Steamed while you ordered to guarantee the freshness 🙂 Dim sum available 24 hours a day. How great right? Even like if you wake up at 4am out of no where, you can have food too. =________=

DSC03297Started off with this Salad Prawn Roll. It tastes way better than it looks which marked the salad prawn roll my number 1 choice in Yan Yan Restaurant. 

DSC03305The crunch on the outer layer was fragrant and crispy, compliment with the juicy big prawn and dipped the whole master piece in the salad dressing. You want it right? 

DSC03311Follow up with another mad love of mine, Spicy Dumplings!!! The slight punch on the homemade chilli & ginger just make it so good 🙂

DSC03291X.O Chives Dumplings. The verdict is… gulp in all in one mouth. 

DSC03293All time favourite — Steamed Pork ribs. As compared to other dim sum in Yan Yan. This one is just so so. Ordered because i never missed pork ribs when having dim sum. Hehehe!

DSC03295Char Siew Cheong Fun. Sambal is good, the cheong fun is thin and smooth. 🙂

DSC03301Stuffed brinjal. Average for me

DSC03287Lou Mai Kai. Glutinous Rice. This is nice as well. The rice is very soft it can just smelt in your mouth. Very flavourful and the portion is just right. Yums! 

DSC03307Prawn Dumplings. 

DSC03285Stir Fry Kam Heong Lala.

DSC03286This is like a side order merely because i was craving for something spicy. But RM 25 for this small portion is slightly expensive. Huhuhu.

Still overall love the dim sum at Restaurant Yan Yan. My comment on the food is solely based on my own opinion at the moment when i tasted the food so if  you dont like it.. then nevermind lor… *stare*