Bali Day 2 : Pork Ribs at Hard Rock Cafe Bali

[ Bali 040713 ] I feeel so carnivorous! Teehehehe! After a sinful lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, we will be having another must-eat at Bali for our dinner. Pork Knuckle and Pork Ribs! A Must eat at Bali.. we only can opt for either one, so we settled down with Pork Ribs, one of the best seller dish at Hard Rock Cafe.

IMG_1702Hard Rock Cafe. Environment 5/5.

IMG_1700We had the whole restaurant for ourselves.

IMG_1697And in front of me, the stage for live band performance. I m Loving it

IMG_1704My lovely eating-mates. hehehe! Everyone is snatching the wifi line. See who is faster!

IMG_1705And as usual… my gift for tonight’s dinner. A balinese style earrings!

IMG_1711We waited for quite a while for our dinner to be served. Most probably is because we were late. Teehehehe!

IMG_1715Caeser Salad is a good start for me. The shredded pieces of cheese compliments the juicy sweet lettuce.

IMG_1719Next up will be the creamy wild mushroom soup served with garlic bread. i am fighting with my inner conscious to not finish up the soup because i need to save my tummy for the pork ribs!

IMG_1722And finally.. The main course of the day! Barbequed Pork Ribs served with fries and coleslaw!

IMG_1727Love it! It was one of the best dish i had throughout my bali trip! Loving it. At first i was like thinking.. Hmmm.. it look dry on the outside.. But i am so glad i was wrong. it was indeed veryjuicy inside! And the pork ribs is sheered to perfection with a charcoal aromatic smell on the surface. Yums!

20130704_210405 (1)You only need a fork to separate the flesh from its bone! Its is how juicy and soft it is!! And the secret behind behind it…. i wanna have somemore *puppy eyes*

IMG_1728And lastly before the free flow of beers. Dessert was served. Seasonal fruits with ice cream. Ice cream in bali is kinda milky. I keep on forcing the guys to have a try. I guess guys don fancy milky stuff… so.. good for me, i can have their share as well. hohohoho!

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