Bella Italia, Kuching

I went to Bella Italia for Dinner last few weeks.. Well.. Its the BEST italian food in Kuching.. for me.. Hmm.. there may have other nice one for so far for now, this is the BEST one i had. ANd.. they served Risotto!! i m definately going back for more..! Oh… did i mentioned Bella Italia is an authentic Italian Restaurant? and.. Of coz la.. the boss is an Italian..!

The Menu… Gosh.. too many choices of FOOD!

Well.. we ordered Mushroom Soup. RM 9 per bowl.. its not as creamy as wad we have at Chef at Home but trust me.. its delicious!!

Fettuccine Alla Alfredo.. This is the highly recommended one from me!!!.. RM 22. Try it or u will regret.. the texture and the combination of taste is just different.. its not like wad u got from any other restaurant.. jus creamy and not else.. But this one.. it really combines the aroma of the sweetness from the onion, spring onion, fresh ham and bacon.. wooots!! Creamy, sweet, salty.. and…. OooooRH! knot describe!! Must TRY! *5 star*

We order the pizza as well as its one of the recommended dish… we duno which one to order so in the end we get the QUATRO STAGGIONI… means.. we have 4 different flavours in One Pizza!! (Hawaiian, Tonno, Diavola, Fungfi) RM 32

Diavola (Margherita topped with beef Pepperoni) and Fungfi (Margherita with fresh button mushroom)

Hawaiian (Margherita with chicken n pineapple) and Tonno (Margherita with Tuna, Onion, Herbs)

I love the Diavola and Fungfi more! *winks* Names oso nicer ma!

As usual.. My lime Juice..

and his Latte i suppose. *hiak hiak*

OH.. and i met Freda there too… So… HAHAHA.. jus go to her table and snap some of her food…!!!!

She had this tomato base Chicken soup.. i duno how it taste, i duno how much it costs.. but.. at least i can show u the pic. hehehe!

Her fren had this. Fussilli Alla Pollo (Spiral Pasta cooked with boneless chicken, fresh button mushroom, herbs in cream sauce) RM 19.

She had Lasagna.. i duno the details as well.. u go n find out and let me know lah! hehe

So if u are going there for dinner or wadever.. pls let me know ah!! i wanna tag along! MuAhaha!!!

Bella Italia Restaurant

Business Hours : 11.30am – 10.00pm

RH Plaza, Ground Floor

Lot 9958, Block 16, No.111,

Jalan Lapangan Terbang No.1,

93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

Person in Charge : Elvedin (The Italian)

Tel : 082-454 570 (012-368 9479)

In short hor… Its located at RH Plaza at BDC area.. The block just Opposite Four Points Hotel. And its next to a club Called “My Boss De Club”… Such a cute name.. ANyway.. very easy to find one.. The sign board is in Green, White and Red colour.. remember to try the Fettucine Alla Alfredo!

Extra : Someone has his own DotCom Oledi!!! *Click Here*