Chilis’ @ KLCC

Managed to grab a sinful dinner with my bro at KLCC just now.. it has been ages since i felt sooo bloated! hahahahaha!

Chilis’ ….!

This is not my first time there but.. wad can i say? Its always the best to dine with family *love*

*hmmm.. the face saying : i wan everything”

Lun’s orange and my Chocolate banana!

The appetizer.. FRIES!

and WING over Buffalo…! *loving this one* Its spicy.. but once u dipped it into the ranch dressing.. ulala! Celery is the second best among all! hahaa!

Lun’s Monterey Chicken.. Grilled Chicken with beef bacon… cheese.. and diced tomatoes.. served with their special mashed potatoes and veggie.. all those irresistible  fattening stuff but still.. it fulfill every single taste bud of urs!

See how satisfied he is?!

My Fire-grilled chicken Fajita Quesadillas…!

YA i know.. Such a LONG name. haha! its actually a fajita-marinated chicken with grilled onions and jack cheese in fire-grilled tortillas. Served with sour cream and house-made pico de gallo.

Ya i know.. still very long right? hahaha! in short, when u bite.. there’s chicken, onion, cheese…! Oh.. don forget the sour cream! *slurps*

*nom nom nom*

Oh look! cheeese!


THE LEFTOVER!! hahahaha!

And the tabao-ed leftover after few hours of shopping…!!

*lun & i*

Our childhood signature pose.! hahaha! its a secret *nyah nyah nyah*

And about the drinks i m holding.. AH! DON ASK! *hmpf*

OH.. i found a cute fat tigger in lun’s room!!

JUST look at the butt! OH me gosh! Squuuuezyyyy!

Guess i’m gonna kidnap it back to kch as keren’s slave! *evil laughs*

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