Formosa Chang (胡须张鲁肉饭), Taiwan

When you are preparing to go Taiwan.. everyone will remind you to at least try the famous chain outlet of braised pork rice called Formosa Chang (胡须张鲁肉饭). Its was established in the year 1960 and its not only a chain outlet in Taiwan but they do have it in Japan as well. 😀

We went to the outlet near “Wu Fen Pu”..

ulala!! 鲁肉饭..!! We had 3 small one (NT30) and a big one (NT59)

“Lu Rou Fan” aka Braised Pork Rice (鲁肉饭).. a local delicacy in Taiwan.. You can find this almost every corner in Taiwan.. Its equally common as plain rice in Taiwan. 🙂 The ratio of the fat and the lean meat like 7:0. braised until soft and fragrant. In short 入口即化的口感。肥瘦肉很口感棉密。卤得很入味 😀

Not only “lu rou fan”.. we ordered a few side dishes to go with it.

礦坑焢肉.. Braised three layer pork.. NT50

Delicious to the max. Even my don-like-to-eat-pork-brother fall totally in love with it. 🙂

猪脚.. pork leg.. NT60. Surprisingly the dish is not oily.. although the skin is very Q but the meat on the other hand is very tender. 不油不腻. 皮Q肉嫩. 还有很多胶质哦!

唐山排骨… pork ribs slices. NT60

嫩豆腐.. In house Tofu.. NT 22

苦瓜排骨汤.. Pork ribs with bitter gourd soup! *sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet*

Totally fall in love with the meal… It made my day and give me strength to shop more in “wu fen pu”.. MUAHAHA!

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