Hong Kong Day 1 : Tsui Wah Restaurant, Get your Sim Card, Yau Ma Tei Area, West Hotel Mongkok, Christmas Eve!

So I guess its time to update my Hong Kong trip. I just came back 3 weeks ago and I’m extremely blur when sorting out all the photos.. but oh well, 2 more weeks to my Japan trip so if I don post it now, I think it will be another year d. Hahaha!

So I spent my Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year in Hong Kong. I thought its gonna be a cold winter but it was rather disappointing. And unfortunately because of the rescheduling of flight and so on, we arrived 4 hours late than planned. No choice but to have our dinner at the airport.

DSC00003 DSC00004But before we hunt for our dinner, SIM CARD! Internet! Its very useful to have ur internet because i rely on the GPS most of the time especially when locating the restaurants! We got our tourist sim card at the airport for HKD 118, 4G unlimited for 8 days! What a good deal! 

20151224_190314 DSC00005We then saw Tsui Wah Restaurant and just decided to settle our dinner here. Tsui Wah Restaurant is a very popular chain char chan teng or the local restaurant if you prefer it to be in Hong Kong. They have more than 35 branches in Hong Kong, everywhere you go, you will likely to see Tsui Wah Restaurant!

20151224_192318_mr1450973127603Oh.. how can i not mention, its Christmas Eve! The Hong Kong airport has been giving out this cute Christmas Hat! 

DSC00006So we ordered a few dishes to share :

DSC00007Fried rice with pork soft bone. Its my first time having like soft bone kinda fried rice and you will be surprised, its very good and they are very generous on their rice portion as well the the soft bone! Every mouth when you munched, you can clearly enjoy the crunchy yet melt in the mouth soft bone! Yums!

DSC00009Hainanese chicken rice. Dont judge! YES ITS MINE! I just cant resist steamed chicken! And let me convinced you, its very nice.

DSC00011Look at the chicken, its as moist as how it looks. I especially like it when you dipped your chicken into the garlic ginger sauce. OMMMGGGG!

DSC00012One of Tsui Wah best seller, the curry beef tendon. There’s a reason why it is crowned as the best seller. Everything is cooked well, of coz,  you knew its going to be the melt in your mouth kinda tendon! 

DSC00017We ordered the two combination roasted goodies to share as well. The roasted pork is nice but I prefer the char siew. Reason being that, roasted pork always have the crispy skin but char siew, it makes me happy when its juicy! 

DSC00014Crispy butter bun to share. Only one comment. Please consumed when its served hot 🙂

Dinner was quite good but the bill kinda shocked me for a while. HKD 444 for this. Well, as i mentioned, it only shocked me because its the first meal. For the rest of the days in Hong Kong, we are totally immune already! HKD 400 to HKD 800 is very common ok!

DSC00018We took a cab to our hotel Red cab for Kowloon area!

DSC00022 DSC00023So West Hotel Mongkok, or its more to Jordan street is our comfy place to stay for the next 4 nights. Its surprisingly spacious for a HongKong Hotel. Very strategic location as well, there’s supermarket and eateries especially hotpot and steamboat just beside the hotel. Temple street and all the famous must eat food is just walking distance! I absolutely love this hotel. We paid around RM 800 per night for that. 

So this is the first night stroll around our hotel.

DSC00026 DSC00028 DSC00031 DSC00032 DSC00033 DSC00035Temple street is as usual always packed..

DSC00037 DSC00038 DSC00039 DSC00040 DSC00041 DSC00042 DSC00043 DSC00044And I guess because of Christmas, the street is still very lively at night! 

Check out the video i posted at Instagram! 

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