Mitsu Tea House @ RH Plaza, Kuching

It has been such a long time since i last dined in Mitsu Tea House. I used to go there often coz my previous office is just around somewhere. However.. after like… 1 year later… i went back to mitsu tea house for lunch b4 i board to KL..

And Guess what!! OMG! ITS NOT THE SAME ANYMORE. *sadness*

We ordered the Ham Shoi Kok…

Which turned out rather oily.. but.. not tat bad coz its fried.

Gon Chao Ngau Ho… Terribly disappointed!!! The last time we had this.. its very recommended.. now.. well.. recommended as well.. recommend NOT to try! *fall down to the floor*

I always order this last time when i worked at that area..

Crispy pork rice… Bcoz… Mitsu tea house is famous for those Cripsy pork, char siew, siew gai and so on.. Oh.. especially the preserved sweet vege as side dish. i love that the most!

But this time.. i really wanna cry when i take a bite at the crispy pork… The pork is DRY and the skin is NOT crispy… its so hard to bite… omg! dried up already isit!! and the preserved sweet vege… *cry for the second time* Not sweet enough not sour enough. THEY CHANGE the chef isit? *sadness x2*

Yam dumplings… *throw on the floor* Taste like… how to describe.. Oh i know. taste like.. many days rotten rice. *sadness x 3*

Lastly.. my all time favourite.. steam pork ribs with yam….!! The pork ribs is merely tasteless.. BUT at least it doesnt taste like rotten rice. OH.. LUCKY for me.. the yam is still delicious!! *teehehehe*

ANyhow.. i wont go back anymore…!! *sadness*