RaoHe Night Market (饶河夜市)

Just after a few hours of shopping at Wu Fen Pu (五分铺)… we went to RaoHe night market (饶河夜市) which is just a few streets across..

It was still freaking earlier… like.. 4.30pm..

And of coz.. more variety of food compared to ShiDa Night Market.

Our first stop was the red bean cake…

but they offered more than just red bean. Look at all the interesting combination!!!

We had red bean.. 红豆饼

Cheese ham.. which is freaking cheezy delicious.. 起士火腿

and Onion with smoke chicken… 洋葱熏鸡

oh.. forgotten the choc. I dont fancy choc.

Just beside the red bean cake stall was the BBQ Squid and Enormous HotDog!

3 enormous squid for just NT100!! so cheap can.. after they add in the BBQ sauce… yum to the max! *keke*

So cute can.. i mean the shape for the hotdog..

Bro had crispy potato hotdog with sweet sauce!!

Its best to have a hot pot of stew lamb..

or even sesame chicken soup..

but mummy want to try the beef noodle..

Since its still drizzling.. we settled ourselves here..

Wow… the whole wall is fulled of photographers with the singers, actors or even hosts.

Try a bowl of mixed beef noodles.. not bad at all.. but still the one behind the alley is still the best. kekeke!

Apart from that, bro also bought a pack of sweet potato to satisfy his tastebuds

Aiyu jelly ice 爱玉冰..

and this is the seed to make aiyu jelly!!

One greenie doggie spotted..!! hello greenie!! me love me love..

Patrick star cotton cake!! so cute!! i wan patrick star!

The milky guava… so greeeeeeeeeennnnn 🙂 🙂 🙂

鲁味.. wanted to try but was kinda full that time 🙁

Oh.. interested!! i wonder how will it gonna explode when you bite it. kekeke!

Lastly! *oooops* I regretted i dint try this!! *grin*