Seoul 4 : Korea Street Food, Myeongdong, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Korean Pancake

Photos taken by my Note 2 🙁

[1.1.2014] : WELCOME TO SEOUL!! WELCOME 2014! A brand new year ahead… starting this new year with people i love… Hellu first day of 2014.

20140101_090656Today is a public holiday.. around the world.. we can expect a lot of shops will not be open. So for today’s plan, walk around Seoul and hunt for korea street food. *slurps. We went to Myeongdong, one of the busiest street in Seoul.

20140101_114206Before we start our food hunting journey.. we went to this Ginseng Chicken Soup restaurant which we attempted to dine in the night before but it was closed.

20140101_110051A fair portion of side dishes..

20140101_105948and we only love this one. Marinated chicken gizzard.

20140101_110758We order 2 different Ginseng Soup.

20140101_110703AND LOVE THEM BOTH. The chicken is just so tender it can melt in your mouth. Not forgetting the bones. Just eat the bones!! *oh nom nom nom*

20140101_110937And the glutinous rice within, perfect

20140101_110945Ordered a korean pancake and it was moist and good.

20140101_111106The whole brunch experience was just awesome. Finger licking good!

20140101_111337Kampaiiiiiiiii………. Ginseng Soju…!!! Pour it in the soup or just drink it! Obviously we chose the second option!

Korea Street Food

20140101_142656Welcome To Myeongdong! And here, we fall in love with the street food. Slurps.

20140101_122649Hotteok. Leavened dough stuffed with sugar, ground peanuts, sesame seeds fried up until a caramel form in the center.

20140101_122901Tteokbokki. Old school rice cakes cooked with red sauce

20140101_123920_eeSausages and Tteokbokki. Great combination

20140101_124210Egg Bread. The most impressive creation.

20140101_124252SIMPLE YET DELICIOUS. Its like an egg muffin stuffed with a whole egg. Savory and sweet!

20140101_124613_eeThis one is just too hard to describe

20140101_124747Too many food. Too little tummy space.

20140101_145244Smoked octopus & squid

20140101_143111_eeFresh strawberries. Totally 99% sweetness


CUTE!!!! (did the video come out?)

20140101_171104We loitered at Myeongdong until late night. Doing the tourist thing and buying the tourist things to buy. Expensive chocolate and seaweed. 🙂

20140101_171112But night time at Myeongdong is spectacular. Dont you just love the chanel place.

We settled down our dinner at some random restaurant at Myeongdong… Reason is because we initially wanted to go to the night market but IT WAS CLOSED. SADNESS. 

20140101_180626We went to this restaurant at first… Looking at the juicy pork trotter. BUT when we walked in.. very rude services. We waited for quite a long time until someone came to serve us. We said we wanted to order the pork trotter. He say no.. then walk away… WTF!! we asked another waiter and the same thing happen. SUCH A BAD ATTITUDE! So we just walked out from there. BANNED!!!

20140101_184659We then walked in another restaurant that seems very local. hehehe! a lot of local people eating inside means good food.

20140101_181355The service was good. 

20140101_181501We ordered the signature ribs with tteokbokki i suppose. Suppose to be a portion for 2 BUT…

20140101_181611Say real real!! SUCH A HUGE PORTION!!!!!! *horror*

20140101_181710Side ordered Korean Pancake but the one we had earlier on was better.

20140101_181752Boiling beef soup

20140101_181746And that concluded our happy dinner at Myeongdong

20140101_202605(0)Reach our hotel early today because most of the shop were closed. FIRST DAY of 2014 ba… But always happy to see my keren. Muahs!

20140101_211950We decided to bring keren for a stroll since it was still early. Hello!!!

20140101_212257The feeling of holding a bear and running around the city of seoul is just so much fun! AWESOMENESS!!