Shihlin Night Market (士林夜市)

Use their MRT to Jiantan Station (剑谭站).. right after the traffic light.. then you will be able to see hawker stalls all over the place. *drools* Shihlin Night Market!!!!

For me.. i dint really get to explore the “shopping” side of the night market because it was kinda rush that day. We were all tried so just managed to explore the food section.. tabao-ed and bring it to the apartment room and enjoy. *keke*

My first mission… to look for the famous duckie head (东山鸭头).. Well… i know there are a lot of this outlets all around Taipei but what makes THIS… the one at Shihlin Night Market famous is because…

They only limit 60 duckie head per day… and… you can swallow the whole duckie head EVEN the beak because its all crisp!!!

Queued for about 15 minutes and this is what we’ve got! *yum yum* Trust me.. you can even eat the beak!! its extremely crispy! My 2-yrs-ago-wish had been granted!

Hello Tongue!

Cheesy Potato…

It was weird because there is no queue.. I remember the one recommended in the TV show look somehow like that too.. but its crowded with people…

We bought one… *yum yum* look at the cheese…!! Will it make you drools?? We finished it in like.. less than 5 mins..

Walked further up and saw this!! GG

AHHH!!! this is THE ONE shown in TV show!! we went to the wrong stall!!! and the QUEUE is like.. freaking damn long so…. i don want to queue! hohoho!

Further up… saw this very long queue… for the big size grilled chicken…. We thought is the famous chicken chop in Shihlin.

AGAIN… got the wrong stall… GG. But surprisingly.. THIS one taste so so so much better than the famous fried chicken chop!! so so so much better!! maybe because its juicier! 😀

Yes.. the famous chicken chop!!

We bought one. For me.. SO SO only.

Some kinda Sugarcane juice. Its said white sugar cane. Different species i guess. keke!

The lady boss is sooo friendly..she keep asking us to take more pictures of her.. from different angle. kakaka!

Extremely long sausages..

One is enough to stuff your hungry tummy

Pepper cake. 胡椒饼.. Famous enough in Taiwan..

I always wonder what is that… why isit called “hu jiao bin” haha.

Well.. its a layer of something-like-soft-kompia-skin.. with sesame.. the normal stuffing is meat and spring onion.. with pepper seasoning.. heavy taster like me… (重口味) will like this. kekeke!

Just the day before we went to Shihlin Night Market.. we watched some entertainment show introducing this…! a newly open stall in Shihlin Night Market.. Straight away.. QUEUE up

My goodness… after more than half an hour of queuing up… we finally had this…!! Grilled scallops with ham! *satisfied* The scallops are fresh and juicy!!

冰糖葫芦.. sugar-coated fruits…!!

AHHH!! the sugar-coat is tooo thick for me!!! ahhh!! T.T



One of my very favourite….

Still need to take numbers to wait for your food neh..

BUT it is worth! ONE BIG GRILLED SQUID…with honey mustard sauce…

stuffed with seafood fried rice!!! MY GOODINESS!!! *slurps slurps* CAN I HAVE MORE OF THIS!!!!! 😀 😀

Other than that..

Aiyu Jelly Ice… its everywhere!

Hotdog with very thick flour. I hate it!

Curry Fish ball..

Their version of “roti canai” called “suai bin” 甩饼!

生煎包… one of the give up queuing food. kekeke

Juices 🙂

We had this instead.. 1000cc roselle red tea. 洛神红茶