Something Special : 曼波鱼 Mola Mola

Hualien is very popular of Mola Mola fish. This is also the first time i got to know what is Mola Mola fish.. or some, they call it Ocean Sunfish. 曼波鱼,早称为翻车鱼。因为翻车鱼这名称对渔夫来说很不吉利。所以他们改称它为曼波鱼。也可能是它体型的关系。。曼波鱼游泳的时候是翻来翻去的。。很像在跳曼波舞。所以取名为曼波鱼。

22153b3d4c518d83Humongous right? It attracts me when I first get to know this fish, its like.. that is really huge!! 很大对吧。当我知道它的体型是也吓了一跳!那么大只!!

Mola_molaHualien they have this season of Mola Mola fish, they follow the Kuroshio current at Chihsingtan Beach to Hualien every year. 而它们是随着七星潭的黑潮而游过花莲的。。


Here’s a youtube video showing Mola Mola fish in the ocean. Credits to Jeff Chen. 看看海里的曼波鱼哦


We were lucky it was Mola Mola fish season when we were at Hualien.. so i decided to make it at the top of my list for the must eat dish in Hualien! 刚好我们在花莲的时候是曼波鱼的季节。。 就这样。。 它就变成了我们必尝的料理之一了

The famous restaurant serving mola mola fish is called “san guo yi” but its closed down. I went to the one near our place.. 比较出名的曼波鱼料理店叫三国一。。可是不幸的结业了。。我们只好在网上随便找一间咯

DSC07512It was a very fine decorated restaurant.. 葛爸的鱼!好特别的名字

DSC07498Spacious but maybe its still very early, theres not much crowd yet. 可能还很早吧。。没什么客人。。可是里面的装潢还蛮好的

DSC07500We order the house specials — Roselle Vinegar Juice & Pineapple Vinegar Juice. The Roselle one is alright. Pineapple was way too normal. Hehehe 我们点了他们家特制的洛神花果醋和凤梨果醋。洛神花的还不醋。凤梨的就太普通了

So here comes the Mola Mola dish — 曼波鱼料理来了

DSC07502First up — Marinated Mola Mola soft bone. 曼波鱼软骨

DSC07504It was jelly-like. Quite tasteless, no fishy smell and that’s a good thing. But the combination of the vegetables and the sweet and spicy sauce is overall alright. 很像果冻。口感QQ的。没什么味道。也没有鱼腥味。。就靠着那些腌制品和酸酸甜甜的酱料来调。

DSC07506Mola Mola fish. The meat itself is…. very very very dry!!! so dry and hard to chew…  曼波鱼肉。那个肉也太太太干柴了吧!非常干。非常硬。很难咀嚼。

DSC07508Not sure whether is the chef’s fault or maybe its originally like that. We ate a few pieces and decided to just abandon it 不好意思的说。真的不是我们的菜啦。可以称是难吃的。鱼本身有一种很土的味道。。加上它的酱汁不会附着在鱼肉上。很淡的酸甜味配上泥土的味道。又干又柴。好难过

DSC07509Mola Mola Intestine. 曼波鱼肠。又称为龙肠。

DSC07511It was extremely chewy. You have to chew for freaking long before you can swallow it. Mola Mola intestine is more to the crunchy type of texture but it was just too hard to chew. But at least.. its way better than the fish meat. 肠子非常的韧。需要咀嚼很久才能吞。龙肠不是属于软嫩的肠子。。它比较属于有弹性脆型的。。可是就是一个字。太韧了!!! 要到嘴巴都酸了还没烂~可是这样也比曼波鱼肉好个几千倍。

The overall eating experience of the Mola Mola fish is a disaster. Even my papa with very very high tolerance of food suggest we just leave. Why ahhhh! I’m stil wondering isit because of the restaurant or Mola Mola fish is eventually like this. I think… they are better off in the sea than on our plate. hohoho! 终结,曼波鱼料理真的不适合我。对我来说很对不起的说是难吃的。好失望!!就连我爸爸不喜欢浪费食物的都不能接受。曼波鱼啊。。。! 我觉得你还是留在海里比较恰当啦。。。不过。。至少有品尝过曼波鱼!:D