St Kilda

Day 2 is simple.. lunch, went to st kilda and went to dinner.. Simple.. but fulfilling =)

Just before i go down to city.. had a super quick chat with my dar.. he tell me: ” ah dear ah.. melbourne must try the very famous pho o.. its a vietnamese soup noodles..ask ur friend and they will know”..

And immediately.. when they ask me wanna eat what for lunch.. i said : PHO! *keke*

And so.. they bring me to this very famous vietnamese restaurant..MEKONG

VERY FAMOUS ok.. even all the HongKong star came.. Don tell me u duno who is that wor..

Jackie CHan and Sammo Hung. =)

The menu.. for your information “pho” is pronouced as “fur”.. its a kinda soup with either raw meat or cooked meat as toppings.. the soup.. of coz.. its super duper nice.. knot describe.. its like boiled for the whole night using bones and its super and tasty! irresitable i can say. =)

Hung Sia ordered fried chicken and popiah with beehoon. =) the  popiah super duper nice oso hor!!

NANA order popiah itself only. VERY recommended. ^^

Simon and Ah leng ordered mixed pho.. It looks normal.. but its incredible.. only the one tried it will understand how it really taste like =)

and this is mine!! OF COZ.. i ordered pho with RAW BEEF.. but hor.. once it got into the soup.. bcum half cooked ki. sobx! and oso with beef marrow.. haha.. i never tried ma.. so try lo.. the marrow ok nia.. =)

Lucky got nana for the day.. i get to camwhore BANYAK!

tehehe!! love u to bits nana!!

nana say its nice although her mouth is covered. teehehe!

Next.. we head to St Kilda beach.. first time in my life i stepped into the beach and i m freezingg!!!!

Australia beach is just awesome.. and its CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sea water is AQUA colour.. NOT BROWN. =)

Coincidencely.. there’s ppl getting married there.. and so.. i take a pic with their bridal car.

YEAH!! they can rent hummer as the bridal car.. its very common!

Camwhore camwhore.. still got lotsa pic at nana’s cam ^^

And.. the bird there is human-friendly.. u can sit with them and they can sit beside u.. waiting for u to finish your food and they eat! hehe.. probably oso because of the too-heavy strong wind.. the birds can hardly fly.. me and nana keep seeing birds flying but got swap by the wind to another direction… so funny!

And you can see a lot of ppl bring their all sorts of dogs to jog and play around. so cute hor.. they even park their dog outside the restaurant and themselves go in for a drink..

so kolien dogs are not allow in such beautiful restaurant.. =( *they sometimes only get a bowl of plain water*

Of all the big dogs and small dogs..

This one is EYe catching! HAHAHAHA!!!!

we then head to the pier of st kilda..

FREAKING COLD CAN!!.. went u walked along the super long bridge.. u can feel the wind is pushing you to the side.. this is how strong the wind is!! no bluffing!

Too bad the timing is not correct no penguins around. kekeke!!

arghhh!! stupid wind.. my hair never stay still.. and when i touch my hair.. its icy cold!!!

I think Melbourne is just beautiful. Magnificant!

We take a tram and head to Flinder’s street.. get ourselves some hot stuff at Coffee HQ because its really over over over freezing..

i had choc banana!! U know wad? its so much nicer than Bing or Starbucks in Kuching. Just different.

Before we head back to Glenferrie.. we had our dinner.. at Swanston Walk Cafe.. a turkish place i suppose?

Ah leng and simon is extremely hungry so they pulled hung sia to join them in their makan fest…

Their Carbonara..

Big portion of sandwich..

Kebab.. yes.. its called Kebab.. so different than our kebab rite?

Me and Nana on the other hand.. its not extremely hungry due to the over freezing condition.. so we order a lasagna and we share..

Here goes our lasagna.. not cheesy enuf.. coz both nana and i are all heavy taste-r! haha

The not so hungry me..

and not so hungry nana..


And for your information.. Monday is cold.. tuesday and wednesday is super hot can!! wad kinda weather is this!!! *roll eyes*