Sushi Dai, Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

I’m back from Korea…! Sorry for the late updates 🙁 and HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE <3

I think Sushi Dai deserved a separated post. Not only the food is good.. the service is good.. the environment is comfortable as well.. except for the 3.45 hours of queue na..

How to go to Tsukiji Fish Market : From my hotel (Higashi-Shinjuku) take Oedo Line E02 (pink line) and straight to E18 (TsukijiShijo). Follow the sign board stating Tsukiji Fish Market, you wont miss it 

IMG_3350We arrived at around 9am.. My main aim — Sushi Dai. Was hunting this Sushi Outlet once we stepped on Tsukiji Market and you can easily find the outlet because there is already a queue beside. You can certainly opt for Sushi Daiwa, which is owned by the son of Sushi Daiwa, the queue is shorter and faster because the outlet is much more spacious. HOWEVER, i stay firm on Sushi Dai. MUAHAHAHAHA



IMG_3368I was jumping in joy feeling lucky when i saw the line, thinking that maybe its my lucky day i only need to queue up for like the most 2 hours to reach my turn BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT… i was soooo sooooo wrong…

IMG_3376The queue continues at the lane beside the building. *horror* 

IMG_3357Thoughtful enough, they provide hot ocha during this cold weather for the customers who queued along the roadside.. like us. hehehehe!

20131128_104806In order to fully utilized the time, bun and i take turns to queue while one of us can go explore the place.. hehehe.. 



IMG_3364I walked around the dry market, nothing special except this one..


IMG_3377Tamagoyaki.. They have different types if tamago to be served either hot or cold.. 

20131128_094817i bought the combination set which consist of original flavour, seaweed flavour and shrimp flavour. 

IMG_3379Oh.. and one more thing.. Fresh Wasabi plant. hehehehe..

IMG_3373I then proceed to the wet market where the trading of fish and seafood was held.

IMG_3371Hello tuna.. I dint stayed long because it feels so dangerous.. trucks and crane are all over. huhuhu!

IMG_3382Suaku time : Vending machine fun.. 

IMG_3384Saw a lot of ppl holding this vending machine and i tried one. hehehe! Very nice and fun


IMG_3386Back in the line, there is like Japanese entertainment show recording and introducing Sushi Dai. Well, it added sparks to our boring queuing session because they NG a few times its like.. keep repeating and running around. Hahahaha! Fun!

IMG_3392It was around 3 hours passed and we finally reach the main door… *excited* Ocha to be served again…

IMG_3398Sushi Dai oh Sushi Dai.. full of expectation because never in my life i queued for like freaking 3 hours and more to go for a Sushi set meal.

IMG_3400*Drum rolls* AND FINALLY AFTER 3 hours and 45 minutes…. WE FINALLY SECURED A SEAT in SUSHI DAI… *screamed*

IMG_3401No wonder the queue took us so long because there is only 12 seats in the outlet….. 

IMG_3406Everyone was served with Ocha.. 


IMG_3413ginger, a bowl of fish miso soup and a slice of tamago!

I ordered Omakase Set aka chef’s recommendation. 10 + 1 pieces (3900 Yen) which is around RM 123 per set. Chef will decide what to serve you based on today’s fresh catch. Another option will be the Jyou set, 7 pieces (2500 Yen). Well, ive queued so long for it.. of coz i m going for the Omakase set. HEHEHEHEHE

IMG_3420I know why there is only positive comments for Sushi Dai, even though the queue is long, the chefs are busy, they still talk to you all the time, joke with you, and explain their sushi to you. The chef even posed for the camera. You just feel welcomed and comfortable. Sit back, relax and enjoy the meal.

First served,



IMG_3425Red Snapper

IMG_3427Sea Urchin

IMG_3430Horse Mackerel

IMG_3432Surf Clam

IMG_3434Lean Tuna

IMG_3440Sea eel

IMG_3438Salmon Roe

IMG_3435Baby Shrimp

IMG_3443And my +1 choice –> Fatty Tuna

IMG_3441Oh… and one sushi roll with the Omakesa course

20131128_125905The cheerful chef… A lot of people opt for this juicy palm size scallop but we had it at Ameyoko night market di.. so we opt for Fatty tuna instead..

20131128_132453_editOh nom nom nom… 

IMG_3448_editPicture with the chef for this memorable brunch

IMG_3450_editAnd here ends our 3.45 hours queuing meal. What i can say is.. its worth the wait.. All sushi served are fresh and creamy. Nothing like you what you have in Malaysia & Singapore <3