Tainan Travel Guide 3 : Garden Night Market, Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Pujei Bakery 花园夜市,蓝晒图文创园区,新光三越,葡吉食品蛋糕

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It was a free and easy day for us, no particular itinerary so decided to sleep until we were happy and walk to the local recommended breakfast shop to have the famous milk fish porridge as breakfast. But of course, we ended up order more than just the porridge 😀

Highly recommended this stall for the hearty bowl of porridge. I’ve include the details in my previous post. Read here.

So we stopped by a cafe and spend a few moments there. A good day start with a cup of coffee.

We decided to go to the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park. But before we reach the location, the Christmas Decor at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi caught our attention and so we spend an hour there taking our sweet time taking photos.

Love the Christmas Decor with all the cute mascots.

We then proceed to the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park which is just opposite the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. This is the place best for photo taking and chill. They have a lot of artistic structures and you can easily spent hours here if you love taking photos like me!

I spent almost 3 hours here before we went back to our apartment. It is definitely a picturesque place! Stopped by the famous restaurant that serve prawn rice in Tainan. The queue is long but fast. Its worth the wait to be honest.

Order an egg to go with the prawn rice, like a local

We were doing nothing until the sun falls. Its my favorite night market time! I love going to night markets because i get to try a lot of varieties of food.

Remember the night market slogan on the operating days?

【 大大武花大武花 】for 【Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun】

Mon – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Tue – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Wed – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Thu – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market
Fri – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Sat – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Sun – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market

Its Thursday so we went to Garden Night Market. It was HUGE.

We were extremely hungry so we decided on the first stall that caught our attention — Grilled Clams. No regrets!

The clam is juicy and cooked to perfection. We had the original flavor which is just grilled clam and topped with some ginger to taste. Love it!

And then to this particular stall who sells variety of braised items. I wanted to try because the queue is long. People often queue for good food right?

And to my favorite fried pork rib! I will always order fried pork rib whenever i bumped into one. The batter of the pork rib has a little bit of sweetness that make me keep eating

And to my papa’s favourite — The grilled Oyster. Oyster here are fresh and juicy. They are very good in their cooking skills, every oysters were like popping in your mouth!

Tainan is famous for the Red Tea Milk. Simple as Red Tea mixed with a whole bottle of fresh milk. I love it!

Fresh Milk Mochi. Not as good as the one at Tamsui Taipei but its ok

Qiu’s BBQ — My brother Utmost Favourite! I think he had this like everyday throughout the trip. They have a lot of different branches widespread in Taiwan and he will buy it every time he saw it

Let me show you what they got. My brother love the grilled pork wrapped with chicken skin, yes the one in the bowl

And yam milk! I love yam!!!! It immediately caught my attention while i walked pass the stall but it turned out not as good as i thought it will be.

Duck wrap. BAD idea

Boneless chicken feet is alright. The aldente texture with the heavily marinated chicken feet. Best to eat with beer

Flaming Beef Slices. Some say flaming beef cubes because they cooked in using the flame torch and cut in cubes.

But since this one is not in cubes so i would refer it as slices. It was ok. The meat is juicy and tender but taste wise is very mediocre.

Fried Mahi Mahi fish.

I dint really remember eating this but my brother definitely did.

One of the must order dessert for me whenever I’m at the night market is the crepe! However, i love the soft crepe more.

They don’t have soft crepe so this will do.

And to the top of my must eat list — Grilled Mochi!!!!

They served their mochi two ways : Grilled Mochi dusted with smashed peanuts and Grilled Mochi served with shaved ice.

We had the Grilled Mochi served with shaved ice. It was so good when you bite into the hot mochi but because they were served on top of the shaved ice, the mochi turned out to be more chewy and al dente on the outside but still remain hot and gloooey inside. Heavenly good!

So we packed the grilled mochi as well. It was slightly soft on the texture but taste wise is still perfectly awesome!

Mama yang our host, prepare a chiffon cream cake for us. She said it was her favourite cake of all time and it has become mine too!

The chiffon cake is soooo soft and the cream is so light and milky. I can easily eat half of the cake by myself! Thank you Mama Yang. You are beyond lovely!

The Tainan trip is a beautiful trip which all the good food and good people. I love Tainan and will definitely visit again next time. The next day, we proceed to Chiayi — Another new adventure awaits!

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