Taiwan Food (林森北路美食街)

Undeniable Taiwan is the ultimate food paradise. From all the famous night markets, restaurants to all those hidden hawker stall behind the alley.

This blog is about all the food i had in the area where we stayed for like 4 days. “Lin Sen Bei Lu”. Although it is not one of the categorized famous night markets, i had the best dining experience there. Serious. BEST aftertaste eating experience. Even though we had tried out almost all the famous night markets, honest enough we will eventually come back for better food :).

The first meal we had was just located at the block opposite our room.

It was a simple outlet that only sell vermicelli soup and pork rice (鲁肉饭) with several choices of side dishes.

We bought a packet of pork rice and braised pork colon

SO far the best pork rice (鲁肉饭) i had. And its only NT30 per pack!!

Braised pork colon. (鲁大肠)NT100

Cross my heart this is the best braised food i had over the whole taiwan trip! You will be surprised or amazed there is not even a bit of those scary porkie smell!!! *yum yum*

Oh oh oh.. two packets will never satisfy us. The first day of our taiwan trip was a rainy day. And so because of that, we decided to spend our first day exploring the food at our neighborhood.

Just behind the alley…. its a food paradise.

Taiwan Famous Salted Fried Chicken. (盐酥鸡)

Its totally unlike those we had in Malaysia or those so called Taiwanese Cafe or even kuching fest.

Its Far more delicious. Ooops.. i am not sure about others but this stall behind the alley of our room is definitely a blast!

Apart from that.. we’ve tried out the pig blood cake (猪血糕)and sweet potato with sour plum powder!!! (甜薯)

Another famous local delight of Taiwan is Chicken Brine. (盐水鸡)

They have all kinds of chicken parts for you to choose. and the one that caught my attention is this…….. yes. 鸡冠. Chicken crest

Full plate of yummylicious chicken brine!

And chicken crest. 鸡冠. It is soft and chewy.

And this is the egg in the chicken tummy before it become an egg! i know u get what i mean. hehe!

Best of the Best! Favourite at all times. I think i went to this stall 4 nights continuously!!

They sell all the braised thing. (鲁味)

Pig blood Cake(猪血糕)is actually pig blood mixed with rice cake 猪血和米糕. No worries its unlike the taste of the original pig blood. Those who do not dare to eat pig blood because of the smell. You can perhaps try this.

Very presentable right??


The sausage is unique too! love it!!!

You can either ask them to serve it dry… or with sauce in a bowl like this!

Cripsy intestinal (鲁脆肠) is one of the recommended one from the shop too!!

Glutinous rice with pork oil. (油饭)

with a lil bit of sweet and sour sauce dip to perfection!

and its not oily afterall

Oyster Omelet. (蚵仔煎)I have tried those in night markets. This one is the best. Trust me.

A lot of my friends tell me that beef noodle in Taiwan is a disappointment. I agree somehow because i have tried at least 5 different stalls selling beef noodles and its really quite disappointed..

BUT for those who still want to try out the beef noodle in Taiwan. Dont go to the famous one. Just go somewhere behind the alley or those small hawker stall like…. this one!!

The one i had is very delicious. Oops.. perhaps i should say its the only beef noodle that did not disappoint me. 🙂



Apart from that, they also have beef soup noodle (牛肉汤面)

minced pork noodle (肉燥面)

Pork liver noodle soup (猪肝面)

and meat balls. (贡丸) But still. Beef noodle is the best.

Done with the back alley food. Around the “lin sen bei lu” area.. they also have different kinds of food outlets.

We tried out the famous shop selling soya bean

and instead of the normal soya bean. We order the salted soya bean. My opinion : Si bei Oily can! OMG!

Another beef noodle outlet.

Just So-so. If you are those tourist who expect a lot for Taiwan Beef Noodle. This will definitely make you moan! hahaha! Dont try the beef tendon if you are wearing fake teeth. heheheehe!

braised beef tummy….!! 鲁牛肚! very very nice!

BUT… the sesame noodle (麻酱面) is quite impressive.

it tasted like… peanut butter mixed with sesame. hehe!

Just across the road there is another morning outlet.

We ordered pork rice (鲁肉饭) which is not so nice and a lil bit too oily..

Dried noodle (干拌面)

and.. 鱿鱼羹.. Squid soup. I personally like the squid soup because the portion is big and the squid is cripsy!! *nom nom nom*

braised gluten?? 鲁面筋?haha! not sure what is that.

For Dessert… we had one of the branch of 鲜芋仙 just beside our apartment room. Its a quite well known dessert house in Taiwan.

My personal favourite is… the YAM. NOT TARO BALLS. Yam is the real thing and taro balls is a yam flavoured balls.

Yam, red beans, sweet potatoes and taro balls.

Yam bean curd

Green bean bean curd