What to eat at Maxwell Food Centre Singapore?

Anthony Bourdain. Gordon Ramsay. What do you think of those names? The names are the reason that lure me to Maxwell Food Hawker Centre in Chinatown, Singapore. Or, specifically Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Of course, not only for that, ive heard of yummy food which were hidden in the hawker centre, not only for the tourists but its also where the locals loiter.


So what to eat at Maxwell Food Hawker Centre? 

1. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice


I come here for the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Being a fans of chicken rice.. being a fans of all cookery shows and how i idolized the celebrity chefs, there is no reason why I wouldn’t be there. I reached Maxwell at 12.30pm byTaxi, the fastest way i possibly can get. Run to search for the stall.. and… *HORROR*

DSC03758The line is just freaking long. Its like a “L” shape but the queue has already way longer that it had extended outside the whole building =___________=


The line is not that bad because its pretty fast. I guess because the people chopping the chicken rice is fast as well. But i can see the line getting slower as there are a few of them actually tabaoed like 20 to 30 packages. 

A good 20 minutes and its almost my turn. Not that bad isnt it. And another 15 minutes .. yay!

DSC03774I ordered chicken thigh for 3 person (SGD 15) Its around RM 39


I would say its nice but not as “wow” as i thought it would be. Maybe i have like sky high expectation. The chicken is very soft and juicy. The skin is smooth and silky and the texture is good. But its really based on how you love your chicken rice. I personally prefer the jelly like thing underneath the skin to be thinner.. 

DSC03768The rice. I would say i love the rice. (SGD 0.50, RM 1.30) Its oily and very fragrant. Oh.. i missed out the chilli. One of the best thing in a chicken rice set would be the chilli. Tian Tian do have very good chilli to give everything a punch. But unfortunately my camera forget about it 🙁 


Chicken Gizzard. (SGD 3, RM 7.8) The chicken gizzard is not overcook. The sauce and the coriander compliment them well

DSC03767One of the best seller, bean spouts with cuttlefish. (SGD 6, RM 15.6) What more to say. Its delicious. 

DSC03773A set of this beautiful chicken rice. How happy can your lunch be? 😀

While i was queuing up for the goodies.. the chicken rice at every table seems so smooth and silky.. and it really does. I guess that also the reason that keeps everyone coming and queuing for more..

DSC03770As a big big fans of chicken rice.. i wouldnt say i have eaten all the chicken rice in the world but i definitely have eaten a lot to give my own opinion. I give it a 7/10. But again, chicken rice.. its really based on your own preferences. 

DSC03777_pHello!!! Posing with the utmost famous Tian Tian Chicken Rice. *weeeeeeeeeee*

2. Heng Heng Tapioca Cake & Ondeh Ondeh

DSC03793Its only like 1pm and… the shop is almost run out of products…

DSC03786Mama managed to grab some tapioca cake… (5 pieces for SGD 2, RM 5.20) Love it. Its a must try i guess. Just grab anything in the stall. It would be nice i guess..

DSC03787Mama grab another kueh as the ondeh ondeh is sold out. This one is absolutely yummy as well. Give it an overall rating of 8.5/10 yo!

3. Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

DSC03781This one caught my attention as it reminds me of what i have not try in Taiwan =____=

DSC03782The oyster fritters i would say. (SGD 2, RM 5.20)

DSC03791Take a bite and the oyster will oozed out. (6/10)

4. Marina South Delicious Food

DSC03783They said the stir fry here is recommended. But i am too full for the main course…

DSC03788Ordered the oyster egg instead. (SGD 5, RM 13) The eggs are soft and fluffy. I would have love it more if the egg can be a lil bit more undercook. 🙂 

5. Maxwell Juice

DSC03792We had Avocado Juice & Mango Milk. Not too sweet. Give it a try 🙂

Apart from that.. there are also some other stalls which i wanted to try so badly but there is no more space in my tummy to squueze them in. Guess you can try that for me. Hehehe! They are the China Street Fritters, Jing Hua Fish Slices Bee Hoon and Zhen Zhen Porridge. Go try and let me know how was it. hehehe!

DSC03779Please note that the operating hours varies from each stall. Please come around 11am to 3pm to avoid any disappointment. However, the Heng Heng Kuih Stall can sometimes close as early as 12pm!