Xian Ding Wei @ Sunway Pyramid

A day reunited with my chh.. A day where Banii and Mocha finally gets to see each other! A day full of meaningful gossips… A happy day for me! *teeehehe*

Thankiuk CHH for driving all the way from her place to my place…… *hugs hugs* Sometimes… its just really hard to choose a place to have lunch especially if you have too many choices. *wuahaha*

We finally settled down at Xian Ding Wei.. a taiwanese restaurant… Say hello to Mocha and Banii*

They have this special set lunch promotion for around RM 13.90++ to RM 15.90++

I had this sesame oil porkie set lunch..

The porkie itself is ok.. but the leaves all around.. u saw that right.. they tasted like perfume… 🙁 i din finish it bcoz i don feel like eating perfume pork. hehe!

The set lunch comes with a bowl of soup, side dish, selected milk tea, ur main dish and a bowl of rice of coz..

Top up RM 2 and u can get a minced pork rice…

The side dish…. we had fish ball, pickles and eggie..

oh.. i like it when u mashed the egg yolk into the minced pork rice. Awesomeness!

As for CHH, she had the vinegar squid set lunch….

Squid is fresh and overall tasted good 😀

My eating partner… CHH aka Annna *loves*

and our Mocha and Banii….!!

We had our lunch from 11.30 to 2.30pm!! HOHOHOHOHO!! and after our fulfilling lunch..

we went to go shopping… din really get to buy a lot but at least we shopped sincerely di. teeehehe!

And for the ending… we ended up at Jusco with this. AWW!! give me more give me more!

P/S : i can see we have a lot of chances doin this again soon *muah*