Brunch at Plan B

Brunch anyone? 

DSC03450Not the best brunch i had but not too bad. I’ve heard about this Plan B like numerous time already but haven really have the urge to try it, until one fine day.. when i heard a friend stating how good the food is… i decided to give it a try with doubt. Hehehehe!



DSC03453The menu is well organized. Ambiance was good, service was good and now.. its down to the food.

DSC03455They served plain water like all others did. 

DSC03457We had flat white RM 10, lychee lime frosties RM 11 & a complimentary orange juice and latte that comes with the big breakfast set. Jacqueline says the coffee at Plan B was not bad. Im not a coffee drinker so i do not know how to judge a good coffee. Hehehe

DSC03458As starters, we had Plan B Salad. RM 19

DSC03459Consist of sesciun, cucumber, green apple, pear & onions, tossed in Japanese dressing and topped with toasted 7 seeds, nori and japanese spices. The combination of the fresh vegetables, crunchy fruits and the aromatic toasted nuts together with the light dressing made such a good combination. 

DSC03466And there is this regular orders for brunch. The Big Breakfast

DSC03465You can have the eggs poached, scrambled or sunny side up. Big Breakfast set comes with a coffee and orange juice. Nothing much to shout out.

DSC03470I had this Portobello Benjamin. RM 24

DSC03476Mushroom are well seasoned. Eggs are runny. But, the overall taste is just not as impressive. But good for big eaters because the portion is huge. I mean, i thought i can finish this two portobello benjamins but i was just so wrong..

DSC03479Breakfast Burrito. RM 23

DSC03478Beef bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, jalapeno, avocado, sour cream & coriander wrapped in tortilla and served with hash brown. The combination sounds so delicious right. Yes perhaps this is the better one as compared to the other orders. 

DSC03474We also ordered the onion rings with hot sauce for sharing. RM 13. Others reckon this is just too oily. 

DSC03456Overall, I think the food is just mediocre. Not very impressive for me. But maybe you will like it because everyone has different taste buds. A humble rating of 5/10 i would say. Just my two cents. 🙂